Advice 1: Why nipple stands out clear liquid

Many women notice a clear discharge from the nipple. But it doesn't always mean the occurrence of any pathology. The fact that, owing to physiological characteristics in women, the emergence of such a clear liquid from the breast is considered normal, especially during pregnancy and lactation. However, to identify the exact causes it is best to consult a mammologist for advice.
Why nipple stands out clear liquid
It should be noted that a sudden discharge from the breast is not lactating women are some very disturbing signs of development of various serious diseases. Therefore it is very important to visit a specialist to conduct a series of studies, the results of which will reveal the existing pathology and assigned the correct medical therapy.

Typically, the comprehensive examination includes: blood tests, MRI, breast ultrasound or mammography, cytological examination of the allocated secret ductogram with the introduction of a contrast agent. The most common reasons leading to the selection of the mammary glands, include: the extension ducts, mastitis, galactorrhea, acute or chronic diseases of the pelvic organs, as after abortion or spontaneous miscarriage, purulent diseases of the breast trauma to the breast, mastitis, breast cancer, intraductal papilloma, and Paget's disease.

The main issues that must ask the doctor for advice

As a rule, at the reception mammolog mandatory asks the patient the necessary questions that will help to establish the most accurate diagnosis: what colour allocation come from the nipple, fluid is released from one breast or two how often this happens independently of whether the output data of the discharge from the nipple or directly after clicking on it, were there to be trauma to the chest, if there are any other disturbing disease with the presence of fever, accompanied by head pain, malaise and blurred vision whether the course of treatment with any drugs?

Treatment and preventive measures

It is necessary to remember that the constant discharge from the breast in any case can not be ignored. In General, medical therapy includes the use of hormonal drugs, methods of treatment, antibiotics. In addition, in exceptional situations, surgery is recommended. Experts advise women who discovered the presence of discharge from the nipples, strictly follow the hygiene of the chest area. Mammary glands should be washed under a shower at least twice a day, and then thoroughly dried. It is also advisable to wear a padded bra, do not squeeze the chest.

Advice 2 : If from the nipple stands out of some liquid

Nipple discharge many women have cause for concern. It is impossible to say that this symptom is a Wake-up call, but a close eye on your condition is not necessary.
If from the nipple stands out of some liquid
Periodic discharge from breast can occur due to various reasons. Seeing them, many women start to panic. In my head there are images of terrible diseases like cancer. However, cancer is the last thing to worry about. Discharge from the nipples tend to appear because of mastitis, papillomas or conventional hypothermia chest.
The liquid may occur from one breast or from both. Selection may be of different colors. For example, in reproductive age women suffer from greenish or brownish discharge, that usually indicates mastitis.
A transparent fluid comes from the nipples of pregnant women. Usually this happens in the period of carrying a baby and during and after lactation. The reason is too sensitive nipples. If you are finished breast feed more than six months ago, and the liquid in the form of colostrum continues to stand out, visit your doctor. The survey will identify the causes of the disease. If required, prescribed treatment.
Often these symptoms arise as a result of such diseases as galactorrhea. Its causes can be different. This problems with the thyroid gland, hormonal, kidneys.
Serious pathology should think if from the nipple stands out a black liquid. Perhaps it is a cancer, sosredotochitsya in the area of the nipple. In addition to the discharge changes the shape and color of the nipple, there is a strong itching chest. Sometimes, instead of a dark liquid may be blood. Despite the fact that the disease is quite terrible symptoms, it's pretty well cured.
Another disease, which can cause discharge from the Breasts, is breast. First, for whatever reasons, there are hormonal changes. Then there are cystic breast lump. When mastitis pus that forms in the breast tissue. Also fluid from the nipples can be caused by a papilloma vnutridiskovoe. A benign small tumor that appears in the milk ducts. The reasons for its occurrence is still unknown, but it is easily treatable.
Ectasia is an inflammation of the mammary glands. The disease occurs in women after forty years. Treatment with antibiotics, compresses. In the strongly affected areas have resorted e to surgical intervention. The emergence of fluid from the nipples can be caused by trauma.
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