It should be noted that a sudden discharge from the breast is not lactating women are some very disturbing signs of development of various serious diseases. Therefore it is very important to visit a specialist to conduct a series of studies, the results of which will reveal the existing pathology and assigned the correct medical therapy.

Typically, the comprehensive examination includes: blood tests, MRI, breast ultrasound or mammography, cytological examination of the allocated secret ductogram with the introduction of a contrast agent. The most common reasons leading to the selection of the mammary glands, include: the extension ducts, mastitis, galactorrhea, acute or chronic diseases of the pelvic organs, as after abortion or spontaneous miscarriage, purulent diseases of the breast trauma to the breast, mastitis, breast cancer, intraductal papilloma, and Paget's disease.

The main issues that must ask the doctor for advice

As a rule, at the reception mammolog mandatory asks the patient the necessary questions that will help to establish the most accurate diagnosis: what colour allocation come from the nipple, fluid is released from one breast or two how often this happens independently of whether the output data of the discharge from the nipple or directly after clicking on it, were there to be trauma to the chest, if there are any other disturbing disease with the presence of fever, accompanied by head pain, malaise and blurred vision whether the course of treatment with any drugs?

Treatment and preventive measures

It is necessary to remember that the constant discharge from the breast in any case can not be ignored. In General, medical therapy includes the use of hormonal drugs, methods of treatment, antibiotics. In addition, in exceptional situations, surgery is recommended. Experts advise women who discovered the presence of discharge from the nipples, strictly follow the hygiene of the chest area. Mammary glands should be washed under a shower at least twice a day, and then thoroughly dried. It is also advisable to wear a padded bra, do not squeeze the chest.