Causes of hair growth around the nipples in women

Hair on a woman's breast do not grow on the nipples and around them. Usually they are quite thin and long, and their number rarely exceeds 10. Be afraid of the presence of such hairs is not necessary, especially if they occur gradually in the period of puberty. In most cases, hair around the nipples is due to a genetic predisposition and increased sensitivity of androgen receptors. The danger in this case they are not, although their presence does not look too appealing.

The sudden appearance of hair on the breast of women or their growth may be due to hormonal changes and increased levels of androgens – male sex hormones. This does not mean that the fair sex is gradually turning into a man, but to go to the doctor in this case still stands. This change in hormone levels may be due to the inappropriate adoption of hormonal drugs that a violation of the endocrine system, or pregnancy.
In this case, it is best to go on consultation to the gynecologist-endocrinologist and to hand over analyses on hormones. Usually after taking the correct medications body hair stops actively growing.

As women get rid of chest hair

Light, thin and barely visible hairs around the nipples better not to touch, as their frequent removal may cause changes in the color and structure of hair. In the latter case, they will become more visible and will require permanent hair removal. But from long and dark hairs is to get rid of, since they are usually not very aesthetically pleasing.

It is best to use regular tweezers. To pull their hair follows the lines of growth and rather quickly. And the skin on the breast after the procedure is wiped with a disinfecting lotion. Of course, after a few weeks the hairs will reappear, however, their repeated destruction hardly again will take a long time.
You can also trim your unwanted hairs, however, with this method they grow very quickly, and dark roots are often visible.

For removing hair around the nipples, you can use a depilatory cream. But to put it better only to the specific root of hair follicles, but in any case not on the nipples. But to keep such a tool must strictly designated in the instructions a time, otherwise the skin may become irritated. The cream gently dissolves the hair shaft, which will remove the hair for 1-2 weeks.