Optimal way of checking stands

The best way to check struts is to appeal to the service with a special stand, as defective shock absorbers will lead to the loss of control on the road that has security implications, so do not skimp. In this service the car is fixed and through vibrations on the stand to test the performance of shock absorbers, struts in particular. However, not every service station has a stand, so you need to know about how to check your car's suspension. In addition, many technical problems with the 2110, it is possible to solve without resorting to mechanics.

Visual inspection

The first way to check struts for VAZ 2110 is the direct inspection of shock absorbers. In the case of shock a very small amount of oil, not to worry, but large streaks of butter should not be. Otherwise, the shock absorber is already not fit for use or will soon become defective. If the test stands had doubts in their performance, clean the shock with a rag from the oil, then continue to drive the car for 2-3 days. Then retest racks. Note the rubber stop for shock absorber and dust boot. If on the surface there are traces of oil, together with the shock has worn clipboard and anther. Also don't forget to check the tire condition. In the case of the presence on the side of the tire areas of uneven wear, it is safe to assert that faulty struts. Also watch the wheel in motion independently from the window of a car or grab a helper for this. In the case of faulty damper, the wheel will ride. More complex, visual inspection of struts for VAZ 2110 is the inspection of the stock. It is necessary to remove the rack itself and dismantle it by removing the stock. It can be done as stand for VAZ 2110 are collapsible, unlike other earlier models of VAZ. Stock from the faulty absorber should have a noticeable wear of the coating.

The swaying of the car

One of the easiest ways to check the struts is the swaying of the car. Auto swing motions, holding on to any solid Foundation, and release at the bottom. Cars with serviceable struts almost immediately repay any hesitation. If the car continues to wobble, the shock absorber must be replaced. But not always, this method can objectively tell about the problem in the stands.