You will need
  • - a set of keys;
  • liquid for boxes of automatic Dextron ATF;
  • - repair set for shock absorber;
  • - gas key.
Remove the rack from the machine. To do this, disconnect all hoses, wires, and optionally the stabilizer links. Using the puller for the springs, compress the spring and remove the nut holding the upper seat, then remove it and remove the spring. Gently pry it spinning nut remover. Then remove from the stock front bump stop. All removed parts, inspect, maybe some of them need to be replaced.
With the help of a hacksaw on metal carefully cut zavartalanul upper part of the strut. This part does not pop up the bronze liner. Therefore, the saw carefully so as not to lead into disrepair liner. At the same time, do not be afraid shallow zapilov to a depth of not more than 1 mm into the body of the liner. Also, do not cut the absorber is too high, where there is already narrowing from rolling, because in this case you will not be able to remove the liner.
Cut the top of the rack pour from her old working liquid in the prepared capacity, measure how much was fluid in the absorber, and then remove the working mechanism, wipe the details from the working fluid with a cloth and inspect them. If the rack was leaking during use, it means you need to replace the stem seal.
Order your Turner ottercat upper part of the strut, cut the thread there with a height of 20-25 mm from the top and make a steel nut on it. Pay him attention so he did in the nut hole for the stock 2 mm larger than its diameter, and the thickness of the upper wall not less than 4 mm.
Rinse the inner part of the strut housings with gasoline to eliminate the possibility of getting shavings in the fluid that formed during the mechanical works. It will not hurt to wash and nut.
Assemble the stand, fill it with new fluid. For the filling stands you can use fluid for automatic transmissions ATF Dextron from any manufacturer. Pour slightly more liquid than it was. This will offset the loss of fluid through the seal. Replace the stem seal and install the top liner in place. Install the nut and using a gas wrench tighten. Bleed the rack by sliding the rod up and down. Make sure that the liquid does not flows out from under the screw connection and seal.