Advice 1: How to check the thrust bearing

The most popular type is the front suspension "McPherson". It is set to "eight" and "tens". Pendant is simple and reliable in operation, but our roads are her "kill". Traditionally, it starts with a diagnostics check of the support bearing.
How to check the thrust bearing
Remove the protective plastic caps, press the upper element of the stock a-pillar with your fingers and bounce the vehicle for the wing. With a large wear bearing to be felt rattling and looseness. In addition, its serviceability can be checked this way: ask someone to sit behind the wheel, you put your hand on the front coil springs, have to turn the steering wheel in any direction. If you will hear a metallic click with a simultaneous return in hand, then the bearing is worn.
In addition, to check the presence of a fault in the thrust bearing could be the sound. Produce when the vehicle is moving at low speed, any maneuvers: turns, braking, stop and tronies. In case of failure of the support bearing is clearly audible metallic noise in area of front wheels. After his appearance, the steering wheel usually starts to go slightly to the right.
Drive over the bumps on the roadway, including "the lying policeman". In case of failure of the support bearing you will hear a grinding noise in area of shock absorber. It is not constant - will appear, then disappear. It is often possible to observe in cold weather. In either of these cases, bearing should be immediately replaced. For this you have two options.
The first is to remove the rack the node is full, i.e. together with the brake disk and steering knuckle. Although it is a laborious process, but then will not need to do alignment. The second is somewhat simpler, in this case you should disconnect the steering knuckle, disassemble the top part with the spring. But you will have to extract and the adjusting bolt, resulting in the need to adjust the similarity collapse.
Useful advice
When replacing bearing, use a special key-rack, which consists of two tubes inserted into one another.

Advice 2: How to check the springs

Severe blows on the body of the axle beam when driving a loaded truck, shortness of traffic control talking about external manifestations of wear or breakage of the rear springs or front suspension. To avoid this, it is necessary to periodically test the springs, and how to do it?
How to check the springs
All springs depending on length and load 3425 N (350 kgf) is divided into two classes: class "A", the length of which is more than 278 mm and class "b", the length of which is less than or equal to 278 mm. In this case, coil springs "class b" on the outside of the coils are painted over with black paint, and a class "A" is not painted over at all.
Before testing, all parts should be thoroughly rinsed. Sleeve, protective coatings and rubber parts don't forget to protect from solvents. Then inspect every detail of the springs for cracks, mechanical damage and wear.
You need to check the length of each of the rear springs or front suspension in a free state, if the length of the spring is less than the maximum allowable standard value, then it must be replaced. Remember that the standard is equal of 44.00 mm length of a spring under a load of approximately 216 H of 35.00 mm and the length of the spring under load 451 N is 27,20 mm.
Now test the elastic characteristics of the spring itself by its control points, before tentatively holding it to the contact of the turns with each other. Then see whether there is deformation of the rear springs or front suspension, if it is, then it means that there is a reason its performance, so you need to replace the spring.
Then you should check spring for Squareness. If any crooked areas exceeds the upper limit standard value is 1.5° or less, it means that the spring has broken its properties and should be replaced.
There is another old method of checking springs. For this between two metal straps with bolts in the middle should hold the old and new springs and gradually tighten the nut of the bolt. If they are compressed to the same extent, so that the old spring is in good condition.
And finally, check the condition of the rubber support pads springs, rear or front suspension. In case of malfunction replace them with new ones.
Useful advice
If you need replacement springs, they should be replaced at the same time on both sides of the car.

Advice 3: What bearings are the most reliable

In finding the most reliable bearings need to pay attention to famous brands on a global scale. Among Russian producers of two of them: one company manufactures bearings for agricultural mechanisms, the second – for the automotive industry.
What bearings are the most reliable
Car mechanics claim that you need to know what bearing to buy to the car ride, not to lie under it every week, repairing the wheel hub. Correct choice of bearing for those who want to increase the safety and speed of his skating. This small detail is very important as it provides the freedom of rotation of structural elements of different mechanisms.

Kinds of bearings

The bearings are ball, cone, needle. They differ in the quality of the separator, which is the most important component in ensuring the retention of the rolling elements at equal distances from each other and supporting them, distributing the load for noiseless and smooth rotation. The separator can be made of polymer or metal (the latter is more reliable). The bearings are open or closed. Closed are considered the best, as inside them hits the dirt.

What bearings are more reliable?

In the choice of this detail in the first place you need to pay attention to who is the producer. Currently they are made of many enterprises, but it is necessary to focus on the well-known and have earned the trust of the consumer brands. This German company SKF, NSK, FAG. Products manufactured under these brands, consider the best. In second place on the popularity and reliability of products – giants of Japanese industry NTN and Koyo. All of these reasons the production of produce many different types of bearings.

But there are small companies that specializiruetsya in the manufacture of any of their kind. For example, the U.S. company TIMKEN, products of which are – tapered bearings. The quality is truly unsurpassed. Therefore, if you are looking for the most reliable detail you should try to learn about whether there is such firm that deals exclusively in such products. Typically, these small manufacturers respond quickly to claims of the buyer and immediately perform replacement of possible defects.

If you look for the most reliable bearings for agricultural equipment and machinery, it makes sense to pay attention to the Russian Voronezh enterprise FKL. The company produces aggregates and nodes, which have no analogues in the world. Bearings FKL – a sample of high quality, they are more than 50 years, are available in various European countries for the needs of farmers and agricultural enterprises.

All products are European bearing Corporation (EPK) is produced at the Volzhsky bearing plant. Most reliable wheel bearings can be found here. All sales occurring in the products of other firms are equivalent to EPK, it is often not the best.
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