Remove the protective plastic caps, press the upper element of the stock a-pillar with your fingers and bounce the vehicle for the wing. With a large wear bearing to be felt rattling and looseness. In addition, its serviceability can be checked this way: ask someone to sit behind the wheel, you put your hand on the front coil springs, have to turn the steering wheel in any direction. If you will hear a metallic click with a simultaneous return in hand, then the bearing is worn.
In addition, to check the presence of a fault in the thrust bearing could be the sound. Produce when the vehicle is moving at low speed, any maneuvers: turns, braking, stop and tronies. In case of failure of the support bearing is clearly audible metallic noise in area of front wheels. After his appearance, the steering wheel usually starts to go slightly to the right.
Drive over the bumps on the roadway, including "the lying policeman". In case of failure of the support bearing you will hear a grinding noise in area of shock absorber. It is not constant - will appear, then disappear. It is often possible to observe in cold weather. In either of these cases, bearing should be immediately replaced. For this you have two options.
The first is to remove the rack the node is full, i.e. together with the brake disk and steering knuckle. Although it is a laborious process, but then will not need to do alignment. The second is somewhat simpler, in this case you should disconnect the steering knuckle, disassemble the top part with the spring. But you will have to extract and the adjusting bolt, resulting in the need to adjust the similarity collapse.