You will need
  • - a set of keys;
  • - Jack;
  • - wheel chocks;
  • - a safety support;
  • complete set of front uprights;
  • - puller to the springs.
Need to remove the back struts on the car VAZ-2115 with fixed wheel stops wheels on the front axle. The replacement is done on a flat surface, although the presence of the pit it is much easier. First, a bit of preparatory work. The first thing you need to set the puller on the spring. Standard fixture has a face under the key 13, and they need to make a screed. The best option would be to install the puller on the spring when loaded the suspension when the car is on the wheels. At this point, the piston rod is advanced to its full length.
Raise the repaired side of the car on the Jack. The best option would be suspension of the entire rear of the car. To do this, use the support. In the absence of such will fit several wide wooden bars, stacked on top of each other. And the ideal is a piece of tree trunk suitable height. The main thing that the upper part had no sharp protrusions that may damage the bottom of the car.
Loosen the wheel bolts before hanging the rear of the car. This will allow you to effortlessly remove the wheels from the hubs. After hanging the machine, Unscrew all bolts and remove the wheels. Open the trunk and remove the rubber plugs from the holes in the glasses. Curved key 17 Unscrew the nut while holding the rod at the open end 6 or pliers.
Hold one key 17 retaining pin the bottom of the absorber, Unscrew the second nut on the other side. If threaded connections are severely corroded, and so on most cars, then liberally lubricate them with penetrating lubricant. Then let stand 10-30 minutes to all the dirt eroded. At the very least, use a heating thread as there is the tank and ignite the big one.
Remove the pin after unscrewing one nut. If it is not suitable, then using a hammer and a bolt, the diameter of which is smaller than the hole, shake it. Further removal of rack is not difficult. After I start assembling a new one. It is necessary to install a new dust cover and bump stop. These are the most important elements of the shock absorber. The boot protects the rod from dirt and water.
Compress the spring the stronger the remover, only then put on the new shock absorber. The strut shaft in the Assembly and installation must be nominated for the entire length. Otherwise his end will come in the Luggage compartment. The first thing you need to fix the shock absorber to the body. To do this, put a rack by guiding the rod into the hole of the glass. Partner nailset him the nut, not tightening. Next, set the lower part of the absorber on the beam and is fastened with studs and two bolts.