Check loose steering

In order to check backlash, set the front wheels of your car in the position corresponding to rectilinear motion (straight). Take a flat-bladed screwdriver with a long rod and attach it with tape to the dashboard so that her blade was sent to the steering wheel. Now carefully turn the wheel one and the other direction to the start of the rotation of the wheels. At the start of rotation of the wheels with chalk or string, mark on the wheel rim the limits of its free play. Measure the distance between the marks and determine the free running of the steering wheel, which must not exceed 15 mm. If the free play exceeds 15 mm handlebar, you must check the condition of the steering rack, steering links and tie rod ends, hub bearings for the front wheels and rotary switches racks.
Then sharply pull the wheel from side to side at a slight angle. Make sure that no knock in the universal joints of the steering column and the steering gear. If necessary, tighten loose connections or replace the faulty parts with new ones.

Check the status of steering tips

To perform this test you need an assistant. Take 2 of the Jack and raise the front of the car. Fix the machine on the supporting pillars. If you have a lift, use it.
Ask your assistant to take the wheel and sharply pull it in a horizontal plane, i.e., pull the rear part of the wheel itself and the front. You, during this, put your hand on the housing of the ball joint of the steering nozzle and pivot arm and the rate of their mutual displacement relative to each other. If you feel that the ball joint moves freely, immediately replace tail tip.
In addition, change the steering tip, if during your inspection you noticed the torn boot of the ball joint.

Check condition of steering rack and steering control mechanism

Check the condition of the dust boot of the steering rack. If it lost elasticity, broken or cracked, replace it.
Now check the adjustment of the steering wheel. Push the lever to adjust the rudder. Steering column needs smoothly without jamming and jerks to move up and down. Lift the lever to adjust the rudder. Steering column must be securely fixed in the installed position.