You will need
  • - multimeter;
  • - control lamp;
  • - wires;
  • - power supply with voltage regulator;
  • - a set of keys and screwdrivers.
Look at the pilot light located on the instrument panel. Its mode of operation is such that when the ignition is on it turns on but with the engine running it goes out. If it continues to burn after engine start, the battery charging is missing. Use a multimeter to check the voltage, it should not be less than 12 Volts. The cause of the tanning lamps can be as belt breakage, and in violation of the transaction. If a lamp burns in polygala, then there is a weak belt tension. In this case, it is necessary only to tighten to the required state.
Check fuse F2, if the belt is tensioned, but the voltage is below the position. If blown, then replace it, then check the charge on the battery. If the fuse is good, or after replacement, no change has occurred, and the system voltage remains low, you will need at terminal 61 to measure the voltage. Its value should be about 6 Volts. If no voltage, then remove the dashboard and look for fault in the soldering in the resistance, it is also possible that simply broke the wire going to the dash from the 61 conclusion.
Remove the relay-regulator if voltage is there, but it is more than 6 Volts. Check it with a test lamp. You need to file for a relay-voltage regulator 12 Volts. Plus submit at the plug connector of the controller, and minus on the case. A test lamp designed for 12 Volts, output up to 3 Watt, connect to the brushes of the regulator. At a supply voltage of 12 Volt test lamp will light. Boost the voltage up to 16 Volts. The lamp should go out. If not, then faulty relay-regulator. But if he's serviceable, and charging not, you will have to remove the alternator and look for damage in it.
Use a multimeter to check the rotor winding of the generator. The excitation winding should have a resistance of 4.5 Ohms. If it is less, then the entire fault lies in her. Replace the armature or rewind the coil. It is possible that the contamination occurred slip rings. Clean them, wash them with solvent or replace. If still the multimeter shows that the rotor winding open circuit, replace the rotor. But if the rotor winding is all right, check that there is no short between the 30 terminal of the generator and the housing. If so, you need to get rid of it.
Make diagnosis unit of the rectifier, if there is no circuit between ground 30 and the output of the generator. For this you need to check each diode in the presence of breakdown. The semiconductor conducts electric current in only one direction, in this property, and checks diodes. If burned down a few diodes and it is impossible to eliminate breakage in the rectifier unit, replace it completely. But if the block is OK, check the stator winding for short-circuit and breakage.