Comfort and handling are two very important parameter of the vehicle. And they depend directly on the condition of the suspension. Timely replacement of shock absorbers is a comfortable ride and safe handling. What does the attenuator? When riding on the uneven surface of the rod slides into the housing, but comes with stress. This property allows you to smooth out all the bumps from the suspension, ensures smooth running and high comfort.

Replacing the front shock absorbers VAZ 2107

Front suspension VAZ 2107 structurally executed in the form of two levers (upper and lower). The levers are attached to the body with screws and silent blocks (rubber-metal bushings). Directly the shock absorber attaches to the lower control arm and the body. When replacing there is no need to remove the spring, as with FWD cars.

Work on replacing struts to hold the preferred in the pit or overpass. Pull the shock absorber is quite difficult on a flat surface, it just rests on the ground or out of holes in the lower arm. If there is no hole, then you can cheat by raising the Jack repaired side, or dig up a small pit (about a bayonet spade) on the inner side of the wheel.

For removing the need to Unscrew the nut from the rod and the two nuts located on the lower lever. After the attenuator is easily removed. The new rack you need to prepare in advance, to wear on the stock bump stop and dust boot. When repairing, try to change all the rubber parts. And in the case that repaired the left side, be sure to repair and right. Do not install on two different sides as the rack is bad impact on comfort and handling.

Removal and replacement rear shocks

With rear suspension still easier, since the shock absorbers are attached to the body and rear axle. And to carry out this work at the pit or lift, although simply a little lift on the Jack repaired side. Only observe the safety precautions, place wheel chocks.

Key 19 need to Unscrew the bolt of the shock absorber to the rear axle. Sometimes the nut doesn't want to get out, so it is best to pre-treat it with brake fluid or penetrating lubricant. An extreme measure is the heating of the threaded connection. But it is dangerous, as there is a gas tank. Keep this in mind and try to extract the bolt in simple ways.

Similarly, from the body to disconnect the rod. And then put new rubbers, preferably new bolts and nuts, install the shock absorbers in the reverse order. What is the replacement racks? Believe me, it will feel very different when riding, comfort will increase.