You will need
  • a set of tools, tester, hot water, resistor 100 Ohms
Disconnect the connector of the sensor temperature of the coolant at the engine when it is off. Take the resistor on 100 Ohm, and connect it to the sensor connector temperature. Then turn the key turn the ignition on. If the pointer of the temperature normal, the arrow on it should show 90 º C. When doing this engine must be cold. If the arrow on the dashboard does not show anything, ring out the wiring leading to the index temperature. In that case, if the wiring is intact, and the pointer, just replace the device – problem in it.
In that case, if the pointer is working properly, connect the connectors to the sensor temperature of the coolant. Start the engine and allow it to fully warm up. If the pointer of the temperature do not show anything, or it readings do not correspond to the normal temperature of the engine – the problem is the sensor itself, replace it.
There is another way to check the index temperature. Disconnect the car's negative battery terminal. Drain the engine antifreeze to loosening of the sensor it is not raining. The engine should not be hot. Slide the protective sleeve over harness, which fits to the sensor, and disconnect the connector to which it is connected.
The key, gently loosen the sensor, and then remove it from the slot. Take the tester, adjust the mode of operation of the ohmmeter. Connect one contact to the output of the sensor, and the second to his body. The tester should show resistance 700-800 Ohms at room temperature. When immersing the sensor in hot water, its resistance should decrease and as the cooling water, to rise again. If not – the problem is in the sensor. In that case, if the sensor is a whole – pozvanite wiring, and if necessary, change the pointer of the temperature.