Advice 1: How to fill in reference to the employment center

Unemployment is a social problem. Its solution in Russia and in most other countries, service employment. Activities of the center for employment aims to reduce the level of tension in society. They are unemployed, financially support them and quickly pick up the job opportunity.
How to fill in reference to the employment center
To register for the service employment must provide:
- a statement about the desire to register;
- passport;
- INN;
- work book;
- salary certificate from last place of work, in the event that prior to applying you year not worked, such certificate is not required;
- the document on education;
- documents that certify your professional skills.
Take the form to populate the reference of employment in the local centre of employment, as well as a memo to the accountant to completing the reference. Get help in the accounting Department of your last job.
After filling in the reference of the established sample, verify the correctness of all the information:
- check the spelling of the taxpayer identification number (TIN).
- Full name.
- the period of work in the enterprise.
- company name must be fully qualified, including abbreviations JSC, LTD, etc.
the actual address of the enterprise.
- the date of employment and date of dismissal.
- the number of working hours per day and number of working days in a week.
- the amount of average earnings in the last three months must first be spelled out numbers and then in words.
- the number of billable weeks.
Put your signature as in the passport. Check arithmetical errors, if there are errors, all fixes reassure accordingly. Verify that all print set: corner stamp, stamp. Check the registration number, the decrypted signature of the chief accountant and the head also specified the date of issuance of certificate.
Help fills the chief accountant of the company, if it is performed by someone else, for example, the Director-General in the certificate must specify the number of the order in which it replaces the position of chief accountant.

Advice 2 : How to fill out a reference for determining unemployment benefits

Not always after the dismissal cannot immediately find a suitable position. The first time you can get unemployment, bringing the unemployment office education documents confirming experience, and a certificate of average earnings from the last job.
How to fill out a reference for determining unemployment benefits
Information on the amount of average earnings will get the Department to work with the staff or the accounting Department of the enterprise in which you worked. Check whether it. Square stamp of the organization and details should stand in the upper right corner of the sheet. On the contrary, separately, the identification number of the payer (employer). Further, in the center of the page, printed "help" in large letters. Under it - about the average earnings (monetary allowance) for establishing the amount of unemployment benefit (scholarship with regard to training employment services). The point at the end of the document name is not assigned.
Please fill out the box. On the first line write who issued the certificate. Name, surname and patronymic shall be given, in the genitive case. Hereinafter, the period of work. Make when I started work and what day it ended. The date format should be like this: 25.05.2005 till 26.06.2010 g. On the third line place the name of the organization. It is fully specified. If the company has multiple legal entities, enter only where you were registered. Then comes information about the incomplete working day or incomplete week. If you have attended such conditions, mark it in help.
The calculation of average monthly earnings (monetary allowance) accrued for the last three months before dismissal. It is calculated in accordance with the procedure for determining the size of unemployment benefits and scholarships. They are paid to citizens in professional training, retraining, and advanced training in the direction of the employment service. Is approved by the decree of the Ministry of labor dated 12 August 2003, article 62.
Then list the times when over the past year, wages were not paid. These include:

- an unpaid leave of money allowances;

unpaid educational leave;

- leave to care for a child from eighteen months to three years;

- simple fault of the employee;

- truancy fault of the employee.
This information is recorded in a separate line indicating the period when wages are not paid. For example, 23.09.2005 at 25.09.2005, in connection with the unpaid leave allowance.
Help get the signature of the organization head and chief accountant. On top put the round stamp with the company details. Specify contact phone and the date when the document was issued. Remember that correction is not allowed, a security is considered invalid.

Advice 3 : How to fill out a reference for employment services

When the employee quit her job and found suitable jobs, it is necessary to register in the employment center at the place of residence. In this institution he should present a reference from the last job of his wages for the previous three months before the actual date of dismissal.
How to fill out a reference for employment services
You will need
  • Documents of the employee, the form of certificate of center of employment, documents, printing company, payroll for the employee, pen, calculator, shop calendar.
Help to employment center has a unified form and is given to a citizen who wants to register.
In the upper left corner fill in the full name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents or a surname, name, patronymic of a physical person, if the legal form of organization – sole proprietorship. Specify the full address of the place of business of the company (postcode, region, city, locality, street name, house number, building, office), contact telephone number of the firm, the main state taxpayer identification number, taxpayer identification number, reason code of registration. If the enterprise has its own emblem, put it.
Enter the surname, name, patronymic of the employee in accordance with the identity document. Specify the duration of this citizen in your organization, write the date of receipt and the date of termination in accordance with the entry in his workbook.
Specify the number of calendar weeks in the last twelve months preceding the actual date of dismissal of the employee.
Write the names of the last three months. In accordance with the design statement for this employee, enter the amount of earnings during these months. For each month, indicate the number of working days according to the plan for the employee and the actual number of days worked. Specify the number of days of absence of the employee on sick leave if this occurs. Enter the number of vacation days, if available for the requested period, the citizen went on vacation. For each column, calculate total amounts, adding the figures for the last three months.
Calculate the average daily earnings of the employee during the last three months. To do this, fold the wage for each month and divide by the total number of days worked over the previous three months. Enter the result in the corresponding field.
Calculate average monthly earnings, the total amount of the employee's salary, divide by the total number of actual days. Received multiply the result by the total number of actual days divided by three. Enter the average wage per month in figures and words.
If wages are not paid to the employee during the specified period, indicate this fact and enter the name of the month and the reason for the nonpayment.
Specify the account number or the payroll, on the basis of which issued this certificate.
Sign the document the head of the organization and the chief accountant, indicating their names and initials. Assure a certificate printing company, enter the contact phone number of the company.
Registration for job search will allow you to receive employment services assistance with employment, you are entitled to receive unemployment benefits. To register you as an unemployed to find suitable employment you need to submit to the office of the employment service at the place of residence the following documents

Advice 4 : How to fill out a certificate to the exchange

In the case of dismissal of an employee from the company during the registration in the employment service, he may ask him to fill in a reference wage in the organization. It is a blank documentinto which to make the necessary employee details and the payroll for the previous three months.
How to fill out a certificate to the exchange
You will need
  • - The labour Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - form of certificate of center of employment;
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - personnel documents;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - account statements for last 12 months of the employee;
  • calculator.
If your company has a company stamp, place it in the upper left corner of the reference. Right enter the taxpayer identification number of the organization in accordance with the evidence. This number should indicate to the tax authorities did not have any disagreements, as when checking it will be able to detect discrepancies in the remuneration of the employee.
In the column "Issued C." enter the employee's personal data, who previously worked in your company. Specify the period of employment of this employee in your company, in accordance with the orders of appointment and dismissal, as well as entries in his workbook. If the expert has established part-time work, specify the period for which there is the introduction of incomplete working week (days).
Determine the average monthly earnings of the employee. For this sum cash payment to employee in the last 12 calendar months. Their amount includes bonuses, salary, bonuses. It should be avoided the days when the specialist took a leave of absence without pay, skipped or could not work in connection with the announcement of downtime for their own fault. In accordance with the production calendar, divide the sum into number of working days over the period. Thus, you calculate the average daily earnings of the employee. Multiply it by the number of actual days in the particular month. Enter the result in the appropriate column.
If the employee in the last 12 months there were periods that were not included in the calculation of average salary (unpaid leave, absenteeism, a simple fault of the employee, leave to care for a child, unpaid educational leave), mark them in the corresponding paragraph, indicating the reasons.
Assure help for the center of employment signed by the chief accountant, the Director of the enterprise (with indication of their positions, surnames, initials), with the seal of the company. Be aware that the information given in this certificate are the responsibility of the above mentioned entities. In the case of non-compliance can be punished in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
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