To register for the service employment must provide:
- a statement about the desire to register;
- passport;
- INN;
- work book;
- salary certificate from last place of work, in the event that prior to applying you year not worked, such certificate is not required;
- the document on education;
- documents that certify your professional skills.
Take the form to populate the reference of employment in the local centre of employment, as well as a memo to the accountant to completing the reference. Get help in the accounting Department of your last job.
After filling in the reference of the established sample, verify the correctness of all the information:
- check the spelling of the taxpayer identification number (TIN).
- Full name.
- the period of work in the enterprise.
- company name must be fully qualified, including abbreviations JSC, LTD, etc.
the actual address of the enterprise.
- the date of employment and date of dismissal.
- the number of working hours per day and number of working days in a week.
- the amount of average earnings in the last three months must first be spelled out numbers and then in words.
- the number of billable weeks.
Put your signature as in the passport. Check arithmetical errors, if there are errors, all fixes reassure accordingly. Verify that all print set: corner stamp, stamp. Check the registration number, the decrypted signature of the chief accountant and the head also specified the date of issuance of certificate.