You will need
  • - passport;
  • - service record with record about dismissal;
  • - proof of salary from your last job by form of employment centre;
  • - certificate of cessation of business activities or liquidation of the company where you were a founder (if relevant);
  • - the document on education;
  • - birth certificates of children (if any).
All the necessary documents you have, as a rule, available. The exception is the reference salary. A certificate on form W-2, you can issue the dismissal in this case is not necessary.
It is best to contact the centre of employment with all available documents (especially the passport and labor card) and get there form, which is then attributed to the accounting Department and deliver the ready along with other documents. This certificate is not required, if you have never worked or fired more than a year ago.
If the work book is not and was not, tell the workers of the center of employment. In this case, there is enough passport and diploma or certificate (depending on education level).
After reviewing your documents and making sure that you have the right to register, employees of the center of employment will offer you to complete the questionnaire.
It will pay special attention to the requirements of the desired job (occupation, job title, level of payment, and assistance that you would like to obtain.
To specify, for example, a leadership position in the absence of relevant experience makes no sense. But overly shy is also not necessary for the rejection of jobs that you deem appropriate, may deny benefits.
Among the services of the centre of employment provide only those that actually want to use. In the absence of suitable vacancies will begin to offer everything that you said.
Upon completion of all formalities, you will be assigned the first day of attendance at the centre. You will also need to bring the passbook, which will go on to list your benefits. Depending on the situation it can be opened in the nearest office or one of the restricted list, which you will announce in the center of employment.
Not to be the center of employment at the appointed time you can only in the presence of a hospital or a document confirming another good reason. Otherwise you will have problems until the removal of the allowance.