You will need
  • - employment history;
  • - passport;
  • the income statement for the last three months of work;
  • - diploma or other document certifying a professional qualification.
Find out address and hours of employment. You should know that to register to the exchange of labour is possible only by the place of permanent residence - residence permit. Persons living in Moscow, should contact the employment Center of its administrative district.
Today in Moscow there are:
- Zelenograd;
- North;
- North-East;
- North-West;
- South-East;
- South-West;
the district Bureau of employment.
The initial registration of the unemployed

This procedure is regulated by the Government Decree on the procedure of registration of citizens as unemployed. For its passage you will come to the employment center for an interview. At this stage, documents are not required. Be prepared to answer questions about the causes of job search. In this interview you will get all the necessary information on vacancies, retraining opportunities, and documents required for registration.
After collecting all the documents, again, contact the employment office. Registration takes 1 day from the date of submission of necessary documents.
Within ten days you'll have the option to work or undergo retraining. You should know that these proposals should be consistent with your:
the level of training;
- the right condition;
- conditions previous job,
and also to be in the area of accessibility.

However, if you fall under one of the following categories of citizens:
- have not worked and do not have a specialty;
fired, more than once, for a breach of discipline;
- terminated the business activity;
- disabled more than one year;
- refused to raise qualification or to obtain related specialties;
- consisting on the account in the employment center for more than 18 months;
- applied after the completion of seasonal work,
received job offer may not meet the above criteria.
If within 10 days, has not found a suitable job, on the 11th day after the registration, the decision of assigning you the status of the unemployed, with the subsequent payment of benefits.

As a rule, the size of unemployment benefit is determined on the basis of grounds for dismissal, seniority and working conditions at the same place.