You will need
  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - the certificate of the average wage from the last job;
  • - SNILS (pension insurance certificate);
  • - diploma, certificate, any document about education;
  • - INN;
  • - personal account in the savings Bank.
First, go to the Center of employment of the population to obtain specialist advice on the provision of documents. Take the form of the inquiry on an average salary, with data on earnings must be completed on the form provided by CZN.
Apply in person to the center of employment with a package of necessary documents. The technician will review them for compliance, will decide on the assignment of unemployed status or refusal. In the case of recognition you are unemployed you will be given a written notice explaining the process of selection of vacancies, assigned a unique number.
The unemployment benefit is calculated under the condition that on last place of work experience is more than 26 weeks. The maximum allowance from January 01, 2009 - 4900 roubles without taking into account the regional coefficient. If you do not work for more than a year or did not work at all, you will receive a minimum allowance of 850 rubles without taking into account the regional coefficient.
After registration you are required 2 times a month to report to CZN. Days of attendance you will be assigned to you appoint a specialist. On the job you choose, and will need to beat the employers with a form where you will have to make a mark, there is a vacancy in your organization or not. Their wishes for their future careers and jobs you can explain the statement about her search. If you 2 times will refuse to offer you a suitable for your skill level jobs, you may be removed from the register as unemployed.
After registration you can try to open a business with CZN. You will need to provide and protect before the Commission a business plan for your future. If the defense is successful, you will be given a grant for opening a small business, but in this case, the status of unemployed, you'll be charged.