Ovarian dysfunction – a condition that causes a number of disorders of the female genital organs, associated with a hormonal disorder. In women with a similar diagnosis, a change in the menstrual cycle – long delay, unusual bleeding between periods, scanty or too profuse discharge, and the like. Naturally, to get pregnant with ovarian dysfunction problematic, as ovulation does not happen every month, but the exit is still there.
So your body is ripe follicles, came the ovulation and subsequent fertilization of the egg, it is necessary to establish hormonal balance, which is responsible for all these processes. We are talking about follicle-stimulating, luteinizing hormones FSH, LH and prolactin. Most women with problems with the ovaries there is an increased amount of hormones androgens and estrogens. The latter can cause uterine fibroids, endometriosis, cancer and mastopathy. It is therefore very important time to begin treatment to increase the chances of pregnancy and reduce the risk of complications.
To stimulate ovulation and follicle growth in the ovaries you can prescribe such drugs as "Clostilbegyt", "Puregon", "Menogon" and others. Therapy with these drugs is carried out from 5th to 9th day of cycle under ultrasound control, which will allow you to track the rate of maturation of the follicle. Once a follicle will reach a height of 18 mm, and the thickness of the endometrium will increase to 8-10 mm, you will be administered the HCG hormone in the dose needed to induce ovulation. This hormone will ensure the transition of the menstrual cycle in the second – luteal phase. To such medicines in the form of injections are "Pregna", "Horagon", "Prophase", "Gonakor" and others. These drugs are administered one-time dose of 5000-10000 IU.
A day after the injection you must be ovulating, and to increase the chances of success, you should make love the day before the injection and again at 24 hours after him. If treatment is not passed in vain and fertilization has occurred, the doctor will prescribe you progesterone therapy from 16 th to 26-day cycle and up to the 20th week of pregnancy. The progesterone help "fix" the pregnancy. These include such medicines as "antiseptic" and "cough medicine".
To get pregnant with ovarian dysfunction after surgical intervention, for example, laparoscopic surgeries, which will reduce androgen levels, to restore normal ovarian tissue and strengthen the reproductive system. Surgery is indicated at a high level of testosterone in the blood.