CJSC stands for closed joint-stock company, is one of organizational-legal forms of business organizations. Commercial organizations can also be open joint stock companies (JSC), full partnerships, limited partnerships (Kommandit partnerships), limited liability companies (LLC), societies with additional responsibility (ODO), unitary enterprises, production cooperatives).

The main feature of the company is the fact that the number of shareholders it shall not exceed fifty able-bodied people, and authorized capital should be equal to the nominal value of shares acquired by shareholders. Shares of the closed joint-stock companies are divided into ordinary, giving the right to vote at meetings, but do not guarantee dividends, and preferred. Preferred shares do not grant voting rights, but provide priority for dividends. The Law States that the minimum authorized capital of a closed joint stock company must be not less than one hundred times the amount of the minimum wage.

ZAO is created for profit and is able to carry out any legal activity. It is important to remember that certain types of activities subject to mandatory licensing.

The General meeting of shareholders is the Supreme management body.

Today closed joint-stock company - quite a popular form of entrepreneurial activity, but it is less common than OOO. The fact is that the economic and legal support JSC is complicated by the necessity of registration of the share issue and the subsequent maintenance of the register of shareholders. Thus, the creation and development of the closed joint-stock companies requires, as a rule, huge financial costs. Therefore, such organizational-legal form of a company often registers to the creation of large companies with a large amount of capital.