Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, following alpha, beta and gamma. It means the consonant "d". Counterparts of this letter the same sound, are available in almost all languages of the world, except, perhaps, the only hieroglyphic. Russian capital letter "D" in shape very similar to a capital Greek Delta, and some fonts of a similar kind has a lowercase letter "d".In math capital Delta to denote the difference between two values, for example, in the following way:Δ(a;b)=c is the same as a-b=SV physics with a Delta denote the lattice spacing, for example, crystalline or diffraction. In addition, this letter indicates the number of other mathematical and physical quantities. In some cases, using uppercase, in other cases, the lowercase Delta (δ).Also the capital Delta indicates the connection of the windings of three-phase motor with a triangle (and the letter Y represents the connection of the star).A lot of the objects has a triangular shape, called the deltoid. There are deltoid, deltoid tubes with a location of the electronic projectors. Delta is the part of the river, and an aircraft with Delta wing is called the glider. If he is equipped with an engine, called a trike.As a name synonymous with the term "Delta" is used in a number of geographical objects, one of which, by the way, is the river. The name "Delta" has one of the domestic home computers that are compatible with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. He hasn't produced, but now under the name "Delta" are produced independently of each other two types of domestic goods: table lamp and indoor log-periodic aerial television antenna. The second has a shape close to triangular, for which they received its name. But in the US the name "Delta" are also independent from each other, the airline and space booster. Also the name of the Greek letters named manufacturer of power supplies that can be found in almost every modern monitor.