Causes of ovarian dysfunction

Frequent causes of hormonal disorders are inflammatory diseases of ovaries, appendages and the uterus. They arise when the poor cleanliness of the genital organs, with colds, frequent vaginal douching, with the introduction of the pathogen from the intestine. The common cause is indiscriminate sexual intercourse. Hormonal balance can be disturbed in endocrine diseases – diseases of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, diabetes. Ovarian cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, and cervical cancer lead to ovarian dysfunction.

Emotional tension, stress, physical exhaustion by excessive excessive stress, drastic weight loss - all these factors have to the disruption of the ovaries. Adversely affect the production of hormones, excessive insolation, abrupt climate change, certain medications.

Very dangerous artificial or spontaneous abortion, especially during the first pregnancy, when the reproductive system is not yet fully developed. At this point, roughly cut restructuring of the female body, aimed at the nurturing of the child. Can occur ovarian dysfunction resistant, in the future, threatening infertility.

Symptoms of ovarian dysfunction

The main signs of this condition - irregular menstruation, scanty or excessive bleeding during the intermenstrual periods, severe premenstrual syndrome, with pains and contractions. Absence of menstruation for several months, miscarriages or the impossibility of conception, a pilosis on man's type - each of these symptoms is a serious reason for the examination and consultation.

The consequences of dysfunction of the ovaries

Postponing a visit to the doctor and refuse treatment can result in serious problems. Imbalance of hormones leads to miscarriage, miscarriages in early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis. Ovarian dysfunction can cause tumors, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian teratoma, cervical cancer and breast cancer.

Treatment of ovarian dysfunction

Complex treatment includes the restoration of hormonal function of ovaries, normalization of menstrual cycle, correction of emergency conditions in hemorrhages. Appointed hormonal haemostatic therapy in severe cases is dilatation and curettage of the uterine mucosa. To restore the menstrual cycle and the prevention of recurrent uterine bleeding therapy with progesterone. Subsequently assigned to combined contraceptives for a few months. When the detection of chronic inflammatory processes treatment of infections. Endocrine disruption is adjusted by the selection of a specific hormone. For stimulation of immunity shows the assignment of vitamin complexes, dietary Supplements, homeopathic preparations. Important the normalization of lifestyle, diet, physical activity. Modern methods of treatment of ovarian dysfunction can achieve regular ovulation, so the woman can conceive and bear children.