If the woman has only one ovary ovalroi, it is very important to wait for a favorable time for pregnancy. In order for fertilization to take place, the necessary maturation of the follicle, from which, in turn, leaves the egg and, therefore, ovulation.

When meeting with a sperm and fertilization is carried out directly in the fallopian tube. Then the embryo, penetrating into the cavity of the uterus is implanted in its mucous membrane, where there is a further development of the pregnancy. If you are in the presence of two ovaries in each menstrual cycle they alternately release a Mature egg. When there is only one, he assumes all the functions of the missing ovary. So it goes from the egg every menstrual period.

It is worth considering that ovulation is not possible when an irregular cycle, which subsequently the woman can't get pregnant naturally. It is very important to measure the basal body temperature at the same time after waking up. The fact that it tends to change at certain points in the menstrual cycle and at ovulation the temperature usually increases a little, which means the occurrence of a favorable moment for conception baby.

What are the risks with one ovary

In women with only one ovary, increased risk of tubal and ectopic pregnancy. In this case the embryo implants not in the uterus but in the fallopian tube. Thus, the survival of the fetus in this pregnancy is not possible, therefore, miscarriage happens or a woman urgently hospitalitynet subsequent removal.

What to do if pregnancy does not occur

As a rule, before turning to the experts about fertility gynecologists recommend that women trying to conceive naturally for years. If conception does not occur, then in this case it is advisable to be checked for both partners, since men can also have fertility issues. Also in the case of infertility may come to the aid in vitro fertilization, which is characterized by the premise of a fertilized egg in the uterus.

Most women increase the fertility of these drugs that help ovarian stimulation. Do not despair if these methods did not lead to the desired result. Because sometimes a miracle happens, and the long-awaited pregnancy occurs, even in those women who were considered infertile.