First and foremost, experts recommend to completely revise your diet, because often the reason lies in the lack of certain substances. For example, for proper operation of the ovaries is necessary to vitamin a, which is contained in liver, egg yolks, sour cream and olives. From products of vegetable origin rich in this vitamin carrots, red bell pepper, pumpkin. They contain carotene, which when combined with vegetable oil or sour cream is converted to vitamin A. don't forget about the b vitamins and All essential nutrients must first be obtained from food. But from taking alcohol, foods with lots of dyes, flavorings and salt should be abandoned.
But most of all to normalize the function of ovaries of one power is not enough. When the egg from the woman are not able to Mature independently, gynecologists recommend that ovarian stimulation with various drugs. Before the procedure a woman must undergo examination and pass all the necessary tests: smear vaginal Cytology, screening for sexually transmitted infections, blood for hormone levels. When the doctor comes to the conclusion that there are no obstacles to conception does not exist, proceed to stimulation.
Carry out this procedure with drugs that have anti-estrogenic effect. An example is "Clostilbegyt", it stimulates the production of follicle-stimulating hormone, which in turn helps the maturation of the egg. The drug is taken only under medical supervision and laboratory control.
The second group of drugs used by gynecologists, is a solutions-based FSG, which is so necessary for the maturation of the follicle. To ovulation has happened after the injection with "Puregona" further added human chorionic gonadotropin. The drug is actively used for the treatment of female infertility and has helped many people already.
"Pregna", "Ovitrel" already contain human chorionic gonadotropin, and therefore are an excellent stimulant for the functioning of the ovaries. Treatment and the drug selected by the gynecologist after a thorough examination of the patient. After all, this will allow to obtain better results prostimulirujte ovulation, and the process of maturation of the ovum over a good woman's pregnancy.