Female reproductive system

Female reproductive system includes the external and internal organs. The internal organs include the uterus. Uterus is a place for developing and carrying a child. It consists of the vagina, two fallopian tubes and two ovaries. In many diseases of the uterus in women removed one ovary or fallopian tube.

The functioning of the ovaries

In order to understand whether a pregnant woman with one ovary, you need to find out the degree of functioning of these bodies. The ovaries women are actually responsible for a variety of functions. This hormone production and maturation of oocytes. Work female ovaries cyclically. The eggs carry on their development of follicles. Once a month the follicle bursts, once in the fallopian tube. Then comes out the finished egg. Such a process has its own name – ovulation. Ovulation lasts about a day.

Usually the ovaries are working alternately. For example, in the first month of a new egg gives the right ovary, and in the second month, the work process has left the body. Therefore, if a woman wishes to become pregnant only one ovary, the chances of procreation greatly reduced, but still remain. That is to get pregnant in the functioning of only one ovary is still possible.

The problem of conception

However, the problem of conception women with one working ovary is not only to produce eggs. Very often one ovary is removed surgically, resulting in its place are scars and adhesions. Most often, they affect the fallopian tubes, preventing their cross-country.

Do not forget about the factor that affect the removal of the ovary. Very often the cause of the disease can also affect other organ. The reasons may be quite varied: cancer, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis. Women suffering from such diseases need to be very attentive to your body, regularly visit doctors. Thus we can eliminate the risk and the possibility of the disease the only one working ovary.

Multifollicular ovaries

You can often see this phenomenon when one of the ovaries produces a higher number of follicles, but they do not grow. This phenomenon is called multifollicular ovaries. In this case one ovary is working for two. Solve this problem with the help of hormonal medications.

How to get pregnant with one working ovary?

In order to become pregnant with only one healthy ovary, you need to actively follow the process of ovulation. Its presence can be determined by measuring basal temperature in the morning or ovulation tests. Also track ovulation by ultrasound.