The increase in endometrial possible thanks to the innovative method: the experts used for the growth of stem cells. The fact that stem cells are the mother, i.e. that from which in the future will be able to develop all the tissues and organs. By the way, the best are cells that are extracted from the fat layer of the patient. The risk of rejection is negligible (the body does not perceive its own cells as foreign).
In addition, the reproduction engaged in the extraction of stem cells from the bone marrow. However, the patient should be held by a puncture, a painful operation. So it is not surprising that the alternative specialists use cells are bone marrow and adipose tissue.
After stem cells are introduced into the body of the patient, doctors-reproductologists will observe not only the growth of the endometrium, and the observance of all conditions (so that the embryo is stuck). The augmentation of the endometrium in this way, incidentally, has already been done. And the results showed that the method is really successful, because it can be used to treat women who have found hypoplasia of the endometrium.
However, the proposed method of treatment is not the only one. In addition to his physician may be assigned additional physiotherapy. It can be attributed to warming, and the impact of a current of a certain frequency, and laser procedures. They will help you gain the necessary endometrial thickness and improve blood supply.
Traditional methods of treatment may be less effective at increasing the endometrium. You can use an effective means of natural clay. Dilute it with a small amount of water then apply it on the abdomen (the top can cover the clay with a plastic bag). Compress hold approximately 2 hours, and then rinse it.