Provide warmth, rest and minimal stress on the painful muscle. Exclusively sleep on a flat surface, apply a hot water bottle or bottles with warm water to the damaged muscle, do a relaxing massage if within 7-10 days of pain will not pass - so, you have a possible tendon rupture, contact your doctor.

Use ointments with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, such as "Festungen" or "Bystrumgel'", they are odorless and do not irritate the skin, they can be used even going to work.

Use the ointment with a warming effect; they are distracting analgesic effect and strong smell. Such ointments include "Finalgon", "Capsicum" and others. They have a better enjoy when you are at home (after work, at night).

You can also use ointments with bee venom ("Apizatron") or snake venom ("I experienced an unexpected side effect"). Before applying read the application instructions.

Visit a professional massage therapist. A light therapeutic massage with essential oils or medicinal rastertime (e.g., "Balm dikulja") can bring relief to your condition.

Take tablets "Diclofenac" or "Ortophenum", they have anti-inflammatory action and are aimed at solving problems of this kind. If disease of the stomach does not allow you to take these drugs are inside, you can do intramuscular injections of the same drugs. The dosage regimen must appoint a physician.

Resort to physiotherapy in accordance with the recommendations of your doctor. Procedures such as electrophoresis or iontophoresis are able to quickly and effectively help in stretching the back muscles.

Consult an experienced chiropractor. Perhaps you will help its therapeutic manipulation. But manual therapy has its contraindications. Be careful when choosing a method of treatment, consult your doctor.