You will need
  • milk, flowers, cornflower, onion, sugar, tarragon, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
To treat a sprain of the knee , you can use hot milk compresses. As insulation using wool or compression paper. Gauze folded in several layers, soaked in hot milk and applied to the knee. When the compress cools, moisten the cheesecloth again hot milk. So repeated several times.
Stretching knee effectively treated with decoction of cornflower. This tool for internal use. Three teaspoons of flowers of cornflower pour with boiling water (0.5 liters). The broth should infuse for one hour, after which it must drain. Take morning, afternoon and evening for half a glass.
Use onion gruel. Onions chop, pour sugar. With one piece of onion take ten parts of sugar. Stir - should get a homogeneous mixture. Apply to the damaged ligaments in the form of a closed compress. Bandage loses its effectiveness after six hours, which requires the imposition of a fresh compress.
To relieve severe pain caused by strain or injury of the knee joint, to help wormwood. Grind to a mushy state fresh leaves of wormwood and attach to the sore spot. Change the bandage until the pain disappears.
In parallel with the methods of traditional medicine can be used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as gels, ointments, etc. these drugs relieve pain, warm, anti-inflammatory and resolving effect.
RUB the medication into the affected area three times a day for 4 g. For stronger effect, use dry heating bandage.