If you decided to change the passport, you will need to get a new civic. Next, the procedure for the replacement passport in connection with the change of name is the same as when you receive a new document in connection with the expiration of the previous one.
To obtain a new passport you need to collect the following documents:- application for a passport;
- the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
photo (biometric passport - 2 PCs., for document of the old sample - 3).
- military ticket with a mark about the termination of service or a certificate from the military Commissariat (male only 18-27 years);
permission command, issued in corresponding order (only for members of the armed forces of the Russian Federation);
- receipt of state fee payment (the cost of biometric passports - 2500 roubles of the old sample - 1000 roubles);
- a previously issued passport, if its validity has not expired.
You then have two options - to go to the office of the Federal migration service (FMS) or register on the website
In the first option, you take the documents to the FMS and after a month (or slightly more) you will be issued a new passport.
In the second case you register on the website The registration procedure takes from two weeks to six weeks. The fact that you have to wait for the letter, sent to the address where registered. There you will find a code that will able to activate your portal account. And only after that you can fill out an application for a new passport.
After your application pass the necessary checks, you will be invited to the FMS with the original documents. Staff will schedule a time when you have to come to the Department. In this case, to stand in queues do not have.
After 3-4 days you will be issued a new passport.