Advice 1: How to renew a passport

The concept of "reissuance of a passport" may include several categories. This renewal of the passport of the transaction, the passport of the vehicle and the passport of Russia. So, today we consider the problem of renewal on the example of the passport of the Russian Federation. Quite often it is this writing, however, from a legal point of view, wise to sound the "exchange passports" or "replacement passport".
Passport - the main document of the citizen of Russia
The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation is the main document that certifies the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation. In addition, obtaining a passport is mandatory for all citizens of Russia since the age of 14.
So, the exchange of the passport can be "planned" - by age 20 and 45 years of age.
As well as "unscheduled":
1) at change of a surname, name, patronymic and/or date, place of birth;
2) when changing a floor;
3) the unsuitability of the passport due to wear or damage of the passport;
4) in other cases (e.g. in case of loss of document in connection with the theft.
A replacement passport is made by territorial bodies of the Federal migration service. If before the issuance and replacement of passports was done only at the place of residence, now it can be done in any "the passport office" (the office of the Federal migration service on the territory of the Russian Federation.
In order to exchange a passport, you must:
1. Write a statement on a special form set by the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Sample statements you can find in the organs that produce the issuance of passports for Russia.
2. To provide a passport, which must be replaced.
3. Attach two personal photos size 3,5x4,5 cm
4. Attach the documents confirming the bases for replacement passports.
5. If the passport is reissued in respect of his loss – you must first contact the nearest police station with the statement for loss of the passport. You will be issued a temporary ID card. The old passport will be invalidated. Note that this should be done as soon as possible to your name, for example, received a loan. Otherwise, to prove your innocence to the fact this will be difficult.
All documents and photographs for replacement passports must be submitted no later than 30 days after the occurrence of the circumstances specified above.
If you ask a question replacement passport at the place of residence, the new passport will be issued to you in 10 days. If you are applying to replace a passport is not the place of residence, then the period is extended to 2 months. It is necessary to check all the data that you specified.
To get the new passport you are required to issue a temporary identity card.
A temporary ID card will replace the passport.
From 1 July 2011 on the territory of the Russian Federation put into effect a new Passport. On the third page of the passport under the photo will be embedded machine-readable element. This is done for better readability. In the "chip" to store all the information contained in the passport that will eliminate the error when reading the information. Old passports will continue to apply until the date "planned" replacement.
In addition, the Government plans to abolish internal passports in the Russian Federation, replacing them with plastic card, similar to the European ID or us driver's license and passport.
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All citizens of the Russian Federation are obliged to keep the passport.

Advice 2 : What is the fee for a replacement passport

By law a citizen of the Russian Federation should receive the passport in 14 years, and then replace it at age 20 and 45 years. However, in some cases, you may need an unscheduled change. What will be the fee in this case?
What is the fee for a replacement passport
You will need
  • Details of territorial Department of Management of Federal migratory service
  • Receipt about payment of state duty
First, you must determine the amount of the fee payable. If the replacement passport is made in connection with achievement by the citizen of age of his replacement, that is, 20 or 45 years, the amount of the state fee for service passport will be 200 rubles. If you need unscheduled replacement of the passport, the fee will be more. While not critical, what is the reason resulting in the need for unplanned replacement: perhaps You washed passport, thereby spoiling it, lost a document, or become a victim of pickpockets. In all these and similar cases, the state duty in connection with the replacement passport will be 500 rubles.
Prepare the necessary information required for payment. Requisites for payment of state fees can be found on the website of the territorial Department of Management of Federal migratory service. Moreover, now each local office typically publishes on its website a link to the form receipts, which have been already filled in all the required payment details of the recipient. This receipt will need to print, then You only need to enter their own data - a surname, a name, address, place of residence. The finished document can be used directly for making payment.
Sample receipt for payment of state duty
For payment of the state duty should contact the nearest Bank branch with a pre-prepared receipt. However, if You failed to find her form on the website of the office of the Federal migration service or it was not possible to print it, You can give the operator details or to fill in empty blank receipts free of charge in each Bank. Be sure to save the receipt record of the payment - she will serve as the confirmation Deposit the required amount.
Paying the state tax, you must personally apply to the territorial body of the Federal migration service in accordance with the place of residence. In addition to receipts, in this case, you will need to provide a statement of results or replacement of a passport, made according to form No. 1P, and four personal photos of the applicant.
If in the database of the territorial offices of the Federal migration service does not contain information about the previously issued passport may require additional identification documents. For example, this can be a birth certificate, military ID, certificate of marriage or other documents.
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If the replacement passport is required in connection with the theft, it will also be necessary to issue a statement in which to specify how it happened. In addition, such statement is required to note which subdivision of internal Affairs bodies and the citizen is informed about this fact.

Advice 3 : What is the state fee for a replacement passport in Ukraine

Often there are situations which result the citizen of Ukraine you have to change your passport. This fully applies to both internal and international passports. However, for the issuance of a new passport, you must pay a state fee.
The expenditure for re-issuance of passport

When to get a new passport

The passport of the citizen of Ukraine should be replaced if it is lost, stolen, comes into disrepair, as well as detecting it inconsistencies in the records. Also, the new passport is issued when you change the person's initials: surname, name or patronymic. Replacement of the internal passport by the Department of the State migration service at the place of residence of the person. As a rule, for obtaining a new passport, you should apply within one month after the occurrence of the relevant circumstances.

For similar reasons, you will need to change and passport. In addition, it should be remembered that in Ukraine, the passport needs to be replaced every 10 years.

The production of a new internal passport in time is also 1 month. For this period the person may be issued a temporary ID card that will replace his passport.

What is the cost to replace the passport

For issuing a new passport of citizen of Ukraine there is a mandatory state fee in the amount of two non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens. To date, 1 non-taxable minimum income is 17 hryvnia. Therefore, the exchange of passports will need to pay 34 hryvnia excluding Bank charges. Relevant details can be obtained from the State migration service before beginning the procedure of obtaining passport.

In the exchange on the territory of Ukraine of the passport, stamp duty is payable in the amount of 10 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (170 UAH). If a passport is changed outside of Ukraine, you will need to pay the visa fee. The size and order of payment should be clarified at the Ukrainian Embassy in the respective country.

In Ukraine, certain categories of citizens are exempted from paying the registration fee. These include, in particular, Chernobyl, the disabled groups 1 and 2. In addition, stamp duty is not charged when you first issuance of internal passports.

In addition to the registration fee in some situations the replacement of the internal passport is paid an administrative fine. This happens in case of loss of passport (with the exception of theft), as well as in the case of his intentional or careless damage. The penalty is from 17 to 51 hryvnia. In the case of imposition of liability, the ruling in the case on administrative offence is drawn up by an authorized employee of the State migration service.

Advice 4 : The exchange of documents on age - what time

The timing of the exchange of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation by age is fixed in a special decree of the Russian Government. The same document established the other grounds for replacement of an identity document.
The exchange of documents on age - what time
Russian law establishes the duty of citizens to self-replacement of a passport when you reach a certain age. This obligation ensures the availability of relevant information about a particular person in the identity document.

If the age at which the law binds the offensive responsibilities for changing the passport came, and the citizen has ignored the requirement, the document becomes invalid. In this case, is committing an administrative offense for which the person may subsequently be brought to responsibility established by law. In this case, this responsibility does not exempt from the duty on the replacement passport.

The validity of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation

Original Russian passport issued when a person fourteen years of age. As identifying a child document is a birth certificate. First issued a passport is valid until the citizen twenty years of age, after which the document loses its legal significance.

Received in twenty years the passport is valid until reaching forty-five years. Finally, after registration of the passport in forty-five years the citizen can use the document indefinitely, since other age of slats for replacement is not provided. If the deadline for a replacement passport came, and the citizen is on military conscription (at age 20 years), the law allows the possibility to take necessary actions after the end of the service.

How to replace a passport?

The replacement passport is made at the initiative of the citizen, therefore, should take the necessary action to implement this procedure. The law allows an appeal to the immigration authorities within thirty days from the occurrence of age for a replacement passport, but in practice, authorised officers can often recommend to apply in advance, since the production of the passport also takes some time.

Replacement for sufficient to fill in the application on a special form, the form which is presented to a citizen when you visit the authorized body. In addition, you will need to submit the passport to be replaced, and two photographs in the prescribed format.
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