You will need
  • -statement
  • -marriage certificate or divorce
  • -birth certificate (of your children)
  • -passport
In bodies the registry office you write a statement about the desire to change the name and specify the reason you want to change it. The statement indicates your name, date and place of birth, place of residence, your nationality, marital status and presence of children which you want to list all by name, date and place of birth. Specify the date of the application and put your signature.
When there are minor children must submit a birth certificate for each child.
If you divorce and wish to obtain the maiden name imagine a divorce certificate.
If the husband died, and you want to switch to her maiden name, please provide a death certificate.
Wanting to change the name of children, in your name, get a notarized permission from the children's father, if he is not deprived of parental rights.
By submitting your application and documents, wait, have, about one a month. This period is necessary to verify all of the information on all bases. After receiving the document in the registry office about the change of surname, contact the passport office to change the passport.
In the passport the stamp about the change of surname will not be any. You just will issue a new passport in your maiden name.