From Moscow to Ramenskoye can be reached by train, high-speed trains "the Companion" and "REX" with the Kazan station, located at Komsomolskaya square, 2. Trains run from 05:12 to 00:55 daily every 10-30 minutes. Travel time takes 1 hour and 6 minutes, the ticket costs 87 R. 50 K.
Train "REX" are not only quick inside trains equipped with modern climate control, toilet facilities and ergonomic chairs. The journey time on this train to Ramenskoye is 45 min., but the cost of the ticket is higher — 140 R. station, With speedy transport departs 22:00, 20:00, 18:40, 18:00, 16:00, 13:55, 12:00, 09:00 and 07:00. Arrives in Ramenskoye on the platform No. 4.
Also with the Kazan station in the direction of the Ramensky start fast train "Sputnik". From conventional trains, these trains differ by a small number of stops and speed of movement. The ticket to the designated point can be purchased for 140 R. Sputnik departs from the railway station 23:00, 21:00, 19:30, 19:00, 18:30, 17:30, 17:00, 16:30, 15:00, 14:00, 13:00, 10:30, 10:00, 09:30, 08:48, 08:30 and 08:00.
From the bus stop at metro station "Vykhino" daily buses to Ramenskoe. Stop is located outside Moscow next to the Ryazansky Prospekt. Route 424 departs from 07:05 to 23:45 every 15-30 min. it Should be noted that the bus goes through the town of Zhukovsky, Lyubertsy with all the traffic lights and if you still get caught in traffic, the trip to Ramenskoye will be about two hours.
By car from the centre of Moscow to the end of the paragraph should go on Volgogradsky Prospekt and the Moscow ring road after rolling on the Novoryazanskoe highway. The traffic can be reached in 15-20 min.
From other nearby towns there is a bus to Ramenskoye. Committed daily routes with the cities of Bronnitsy, Konstantinovo, Zhukovsky, Fryazevo, Zakharovo, Kuzyaevo and Konyashina. On the train you can get from all of the settlements located along the railway Moscow-Ryazan.