You will need
  • - record book;
  • pillow;
  • - coin;
  • - the belief in the supernatural;
  • - a minimum of knowledge on the subject.
Get a freebie. Before the exam, at midnight, open the record book on the right page, it out the window three times and shout the phrase "the Freebie, come!". Another variant of this conspiracy States that need to scream: "waving Today and tomorrow pass!". Having performed this magical ritual in any of the proposed options, go to sleep - the appearance of the coveted freebies should provide higher power.
Master the subject during sleep. The night before the exam, put your notes or the textbook under your pillow and go to sleep. Enthusiasts even give an explanation of the principle of this method is: that during sleep the information absorbed much better. However, it remains a mystery how information gets into the head of a sleeping Bursak, and even through the pillow. To this question, apparently, only have to answer. They say the effect of this ritual will increase if before going to bed to repeat the magic words: "I sleep head teaches, a good teacher I have no pangs".
To appease the teacher. Very frustrating and disappointing it is when a well-prepared student the examiner "knocks" by asking tricky questions, or just puts an underestimation. From such situation nobody is insured that the cause can become a personal conflict or just a bad mood of the teacher. Prevent this aims to help the next plot:
"As the prayer of Jesus tames the evil one,
Harness, o Lord, thy servant (name of teacher)
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen."
Read it should be, looking at the teacher or visualizing his face.
Take the talisman. The most popular talisman for good luck in the exam is a coin, only to put it it is necessary not in a pocket or bag, and shoes. Ideal coin 5 cents, for it even there is a special magic spell "Nickel-Piglet, put you in my Shoe for luck, for luck". If this coin you will get a good rate, save it and take on other exams. It is believed that the magical properties of the coins increase with time: the more successful exams she "visited", the better it works.