The most reliable way to ensure success on the exam – visit the lectures. Come to class or University class, bring a voluminous notebook. Record her lecture notes even if the teacher asks. Make sure to separate the boundaries of each lecture and mark their theme. If you recommend books in which the topic is discussed, write down the title and author. This material will be a major help during exam preparation. You will have a plan of response to the question and background information on the topic that will allow you to pass the exam for at least the minimum rating. In addition, the teacher will certainly appreciate the fact that you use the knowledge which he so carefully shared.
Take the list of tickets as early as possible. If it is not there, ask the last questions of the senior course or class. The wording of the questions tend to change slightly. As soon as they are in your hands, begin to gradually prepare for the exam. Even if the main class is not yet over, put aside at least an hour a week to devote to the selection of the desired information.
Time management exam preparation and schedule. It is necessary to allocate the number of days for each stage. First you need to gain information to each of the questions. Use the lecture notes, make a bookmark with the numbers of the questions in the textbooks, look for information in scientific articles, abstracts of theses. If you can't find the right data, ask for help from professional librarians. On the website will help you find sources of information.
The information collected read, highlight important and drop unnecessary. Distribute the blocks of information on the items in the response plan. You can then proceed to the thoughtful reading – until then, until you remember the answer.
Check how you learned the knowledge. Choose at random a few tickets and tell them. First, you can use the response plan, then do without it.
The distribution of time for each stage depends on your personal pace. Determine how complex a subject for you, do you know where to look for information, what is the schedule of all exams which you need to pass. Given these parameters it is possible to develop the optimal mode, which will avoid the frantic rush and panic before the exam.