You will need
  • The desire to pass the exam in the literature for 100 points.
In fact, only by adhering to this method, there is guarantee to pass the exam on the literature for 100 points. Method, in fact, very simple – just actually read all the literature needed to pass. For this, undoubtedly, will need a large amount of time and effort, however, in this case, you can reasonably count on a large number of points.
Way to honest
Today on sale there is a special allowance that promise that even without any knowledge you will pass the exam for the highest score. Actually, of course, you can buy them all and see the "magic formula", but real success is unlikely to bring.
There is an opinion that really interested teacher can teach his student everything needed to pass the exam. The share of truth in this, and therefore, it makes sense to sign up to expensive tutor. However, do not rush to pay the money in advance. Agree on a specific result of the exam and pass money only in case of successful passing.
The result
There are many school will adopt and rituals performing which, you supposedly will be able to successfully pass the exam. In practice, nothing to do with the reality of these hoaxes is not, but more confident with their help you will really.