In numerology happy are considered to be odd numbers, especially 3 and 7. Therefore, pulling the ticket, try to take this into account. Do not take two, four or another even ticket . Even numbers have a negative power for individuals sensitive they can even block information that was previously stored in memory securely. Rely on intuition, always take the one ticket, which attracted the first time.
To pull you need a ticket, it is necessary not only want, but know that you will get for it. Imagine that you have got the right question, often repeat to myself the phrase "I have such and such a ticket". If you know his number, then before you pull a ticket , try to clearly and accurately represent the desired number.
This method is not highly reliable, but occasionally works (especially if your class or group takes an exam first). It is possible that the examiner will just decompose everything in order, not bothering to shuffle the ticketagents. Some of the originals you can put them in a checkerboard pattern. If you know that a person can expect such an act, try to take the risk. Maybe you will be lucky!
You can rely on luck, and you can go on a little trick, but for this you will need the help of friends. Those who know the subject well (or have a good crib) come to the classroom first. Pulling the ticket, your friend will have to quietly peek in one of lying on the table, ticketagents and once to mark it (the bend area). Then he writes you a text, which tells what questions are contained in the folded ticket. You then refresh in memory the necessary information and feel free to go take the exam. This method is good in that case, if you are able with understanding retell any of the exam questions, because to learn from scratch what you do not understand is quite difficult.