Advice 1: How to pull the right ticket for the exam

Going to the exam, of course, it is best to rely on their own strength and learn everything. But it also happens that a student is literally living a dream is to pull a specific ticket. Chances are, of course, not so much, but worth a try.
How to pull the right ticket for the exam
In numerology happy are considered to be odd numbers, especially 3 and 7. Therefore, pulling the ticket, try to take this into account. Do not take two, four or another even ticket . Even numbers have a negative power for individuals sensitive they can even block information that was previously stored in memory securely. Rely on intuition, always take the one ticket, which attracted the first time.
To pull you need a ticket, it is necessary not only want, but know that you will get for it. Imagine that you have got the right question, often repeat to myself the phrase "I have such and such a ticket". If you know his number, then before you pull a ticket , try to clearly and accurately represent the desired number.
This method is not highly reliable, but occasionally works (especially if your class or group takes an exam first). It is possible that the examiner will just decompose everything in order, not bothering to shuffle the ticketagents. Some of the originals you can put them in a checkerboard pattern. If you know that a person can expect such an act, try to take the risk. Maybe you will be lucky!
You can rely on luck, and you can go on a little trick, but for this you will need the help of friends. Those who know the subject well (or have a good crib) come to the classroom first. Pulling the ticket, your friend will have to quietly peek in one of lying on the table, ticketagents and once to mark it (the bend area). Then he writes you a text, which tells what questions are contained in the folded ticket. You then refresh in memory the necessary information and feel free to go take the exam. This method is good in that case, if you are able with understanding retell any of the exam questions, because to learn from scratch what you do not understand is quite difficult.

Advice 2: How to draw a lucky ticket

With a weak preparation for the exam can be hope only for a miracle - an opportunity to draw a lucky ticket. Generations of students developed tricks and the whole ritual that helps to lure in the exam good luck. However, as practice shows, the winning ticket often get those who are diligently studying for the exam. Nevertheless, the signs of even a prepared student will give additional confidence.
How to draw a lucky ticket
You will need
  • - gradebook
  • - materials for exam preparation
  • - pens and paper
  • - question papers for the exam
The first method

The evening before the exam take a student book and go out to the balcony (attic, roof, or at least, lean out the window). Open the gradebook and three times loudly shout: come Freebie! Then quickly shut the book and put it under the pillow. Do not open until the exam. Into the classroom where the exam is held, open the record book and pull the ticket.
The second method

Determine how the account in the queue you will pass the exam. Try to choose odd places: 1, 3, 5, 7. If you did not get to these places, then go to pass in an arbitrary order. Once you are in front of the examiner, take a look at offered you the tickets. Do not take those that lie on the even place, counting from the left. If the tickets are arranged in two rows, consider the left-bottom and choose odd numbers.
Pausing before you are interested in a ticket, pretend together, and imagine in my mind the ticket number (including the odd left-bottom). By doing this, pull the ticket with the left hand. Turn it over and look at the printed number. If it is all digits odd or more odd than even, the ticket must bring you good luck. If all numbers odd or equally, make every effort to pass the exam.
The third way

Before exam, ask the student who is before you accidentally pull 2 tickets. One he should take, and on the other spying issues, flag, and report to you. As soon as you will receive an SMS with the questions marked with ticket or out-of-classroom student they will tell you, take the materials to prepare for the exam and quickly see the answers.
Go into the audience to pass the exam. When viewing tickets, select marked. Take to hand to close the tag and pull it. Try to remember what you have taught on these matters and prepare response.
The fourth way

Prepare for the exam in advance. Take a list of questions for him and prepare him for the answers. Memorize every day for a few questions so that by the beginning of exams to learn the most of them. To the onset of the session you should know the answers to the bulk of the questions. This will significantly increase the opportunity to pull the winning ticket regardless of its location. Before the exam, use the above signs, and pull a ticket.
Teachers hate when students mark and Mar the tickets, so put a label or select a ticket marked carefully.
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