The first thing you need in order to pass the exam on the great is proper preparation. Pick a suitable system and stick with your schedule. Looking through the tickets, try to analyze first the most complex questions, finally leaving what you're familiar.
One of the most common student mistakes – wrong planning of the training process. The majority of students and the students divide the time before the exam equally, fulfilling the tickets in sequence, from first to last. But while you're teaching the last tickets, you can even fly out of your head previously studied material. So try to learn first all the tickets at C grade. After that the same tickets are already to learn more thoroughly. And finally – good proshtudiruyte all the questions. This multi-step work will help you to pass the exam.
Before you dispose of the remaining time before the exam, make yourself a clear plan of action, see owl or a lark. Based on this, you can better plan your time. Don't forget to take short breaks. Long work can be tiring and beat off all hunting to do next. The benefits of cheat sheets you can bet. But what you can use them to learn the material – that's a fact. Until you rewrite the information on a cheat sheet, you choose and lay in the head of the most important facts and formulas. Even if you are not one of the Cribs don't take it, they will help you better prepare for the exam.
Learn how to relax. If, during the literature exam you have fear of the upcoming test, step away from the Desk, take a few deep breaths. Don't sit at the table until you are fully calm down. Instead of coffee and energy drinks it is better to drink herbal teas. They tone not worse.
Don't be so dramatic. Instead of saying towards the audience that you don't know anything (even if it is), you better assure yourself of the opposite. On the way to the place of examination, study you know the material. You cheer mentally.
Be self-confident. Even if the ticket is not you know, be calm. Sit down and think, try to read the ticket and make a response plan. Soberly assess their capabilities, highlighting for each question, a certain period of time. Try to stick to this schedule. First get to the most easy tasks. Going to answer a ticket, don't look down at the floor. Stay confident and don't mumble. Even if the question you definitely can not answer, speculate and perhaps the answer will arise in your head.