You will need
  • - self-confidence;
  • - courage;
  • - patience;
  • - excellent knowledge of the subject;
  • - gab (saves the not always).
Passing the exam in school, you always participate in some lottery. Even if the teacher is good and the subject you know, you still might get a bad ticket, which you almost have nothing to say. In this case, you can try to ask for the opportunity to pull another ticket, or to prepare for similar issues. When the teacher tries to correct you, you need a believable and genuinely surprised and say that you did not read the ticket, and whether you can answer this question, because you have already prepared, and you make a mistake not on purpose. The probability of success is not one hundred percent, but this method could work.
It happens that the teacher intentionally asks you tricky questions, picking on little things and acting very unfriendly. Then you should soberly assess their capabilities. If you know the subject, it does fill up you will fail, you will be able to answer at least acceptable, even if not perfectly. Otherwise, it is better to think about a retake.
It happens that the teacher fills up you up, apparently hoping for a bribe. Unfortunately, this practice in some universities is quite common. If you see that clearly this is and even after mulligans and a clear improvement of level of knowledge of the subject you can't even get a satisfactory rating, contact the Dean's office or to the Department. You have the right to ask another teacher to take the exam. Quite confident and reasoned behaviour in combination with knowledge on the subject increases the chances of success. It is important that you could really pass this subject, otherwise, the Professor is right, not agreeing to take the test.
Consider whether the teacher you floods? Could it be that he is just trying to ask you leading questions that help? It often happens that a student unfamiliar with the subject, but thinks his flood. Preparing for all the exams to be confident in their knowledge. Who can answer the subject perfectly, is impossible to fill up.
Before come to respond to the harsh teacher, who to you not everyone has the chance to pass, try to feel your confidence. Solid walk, go to the table of the teacher. With the thought, "I know it," begin to answer. Despite the fact that the exam should be assessed only your knowledge, human psychology is such that they have higher scores to those who are confident. It's human nature, it can not argue. Your confidence should manifest itself not only in her eyes and facial expression, but in pose. Control yourself: no need to nervously twirl a pen or other items or running eyes. Posture should be relaxed and open.
Speak slowly and clearly. If in doubt or think that the answer, instead of frantic stuttering observe a dramatic pause or start the sentence with a long, slow spoken introduction: "mmm, I think it is...". The voice should sound very confident. It is better to practice a little. Sometimes you can pretend that you know the question, but I can't remember the right word. The teacher sometimes helps you in a completely natural way, finishing the phrase. Your task is to develop a theme.