Scold the student on the day of delivery. The emotion of anger is one of the most vivid and strong, and your friend needs a strong energy support. Realizing that you are rooting for him and wish him well, he will be going faster and pass better.
Don't use profanities, concerning mental disability: idiot, moron and such. The word material, and therefore the qualities that you ascribe to the student, will be his personal qualities. As you know, people with low intelligence can't seriously studying and successfully pass exams.
Pay your love in anger. List out loud all the traits of a student and always give them a negative connotation. Remember all the deeds committed by them and speak about them with a consistently negative attitude.
Assign him negative qualities, the opposite of his true characteristics, for example, if it is stubbornness, call it flirt. As the basis can be used by neutral traits. Negative character traits to exaggerate the grotesque proportions.
Any expressions and curses, does not affect the intelligence of the student: rogue, playboy, son of a bitch, etc. For the most part the meaning and content of the battle depends solely on your imagination, for example: "Oh, you rascal, Peter, been out all night with friends drinking the last of money allowed! Oh, the drunkard, the mother and father left without a penny, Herod the heartless!". While your friend may be a sober and loving son. And remember the real history of communication with a man: he must have made some mistakes. You have a legitimate reason to Express their opinion about it and even to receive for it gratitude.