Advice 1: How to get the right ticket for the exam

The exam is a challenge that several times a year every student. Exams without studying at the University impossible, and yet it is a serious barrier that is not easily overcome. Learning everything is not possible, and often decisive day the hand of the student pulls the ticket on which knowledge is zero.
How to get the right ticket for the exam
To get the right ticket in the exam, you need to possess a number of abilities. First, the intuition. She did never hurt anyone in my life, to say nothing about the exams. Try a couple of times to rely on his "sixth sense": going into the audience, pull the paper, which immediately drops the eye.

Of course, to rely on such a windy lady, as intuition, it is better to enlist the support of knowledge - the knowledge of where a ticket is. Often examiners do not particularly pay attention to: numbers Shine through the paper or the tickets are in sequence. Only need to consider two things: first, often in different cities do not coincide with those issues that were in your list, secondly, you need to catch the moment when the teacher come out to celebrate this very sequence or to see the rooms and the wording of the questions.
Try to do one more maneuver. Go to answer the last capitivates and all passed, what tickets have been collected into a pile on the edge of the staff table, and choose from those that lay, neatly lined in a row. But be careful: often the examiners at the lack of questions take tickets directly from the same handful again and let them into the lottery of knowledge. Therefore, the skill and intuition you need.

Better find out in advance from the student who already had to deal with a particular examiner, how is he in the exam students choose tickets. It is unlikely you have the chance to observe if the teacher gives to get a thin piece of paper from the piles, which he holds in his hands, or if the questions he gives are not difficult to cut tickets.
There is another way, but the chances to resort to it you will have even less. It so happens that the teacher launches several students, all happening in close to the audience, and the examiner is not possible to keep track of everyone. Then - watch out! turn a few pieces of paper and choose the one that is dearer to your heart. "Sleight of hand and no fraud!" (C) But if you find yourself... you're screwed.
As you can see, these methods tend to be ephemeral abilities such as dexterity, intuition, attentiveness... They are not all, and those that are gifted sometimes do not know how to use the gift. Of course, both that, and another, and the third to develop, but it will take more than one year of study at the University, but if you need everything at once?.. Therefore, the surest and the simplest way to get need a ticket - it's good to learn the material. Then any ticket will be (at least more or less) necessary and successful.

Advice 2: How to choose a ticket for the exam

Have exam and preparation time, as always, virtually no? Remains only to hope that you will get a ticketthat you have time to prepare. How to get the desired ticket and take the exam on a good estimate?
How to choose a ticket for the exam
You will need
  • prunes
Pull exam ticket the left hand. When you stand in front of the Desk of the teacher and to choose the ticket, try not to forget that to pull the piece of paper should be exactly the left hand. The origins of the superstitions go way back. It is believed that the left hand does what the heart tells, because it is on the left. But the heart always knows better what to do than the rational brain, especially before an important exam.
When you pull out the ticket, say the rhyme: "Glass-lemon – this is it." If you don't know this counting, pronounce any other that came to mind. Counting should be a shootout, the remaining ticket is "happy." However, this method is hardly suitable if you have 60 sheets of paper with numbered questions. In this case, you will be an unacceptably long time to choose the right ticket, and you will agree that this can cause some confusion on the part of the teacher and the examination Committee.
Good luck stick to your hands. In order to glue something, including your luck, you need at least to be a sticky myself. One of the student traditions reads as follows: the prunes – the best adhesive. Leaving home, taking with him the prunes, and before the exam RUB their hands. When you choose a ticket, my luck will stick to your hands, and you will feel what the ticket is better to take.
Choose the ticket account. Almost all people have their favorite number. It will bring you good luck for the exam. Count tickets and select the one that matches the lucky number. If the figure you are unsure or she is over a hundred, do not worry. Among students there is a common lucky number, e.g. 3,5,9 and 13. Some teachers put the "excellent" student, drawing 13 a ticketwithout asking him.
Do not only rely on luck. Learned material is the best way to pass the exam.
Useful advice
Don't talk about what signs you use, so as not to frighten away good luck.
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