Undesirable actions on the eve of the exam

In the period of exam preparation do not drink alcohol. Of course, in the student companies is quite difficult, but, nevertheless, it is worth remembering that alcohol, taken before the exam affects health, reduces efficiency and the ability to clearly and to think quickly, which is often much more important than knowledge.

Before the exam it is better not to study all night, trying to remember the maximum amount of material. First, it is still impossible and will only create in the mind of the unnecessary jumble of facts, unrelated. Secondly, during sleep, rest and recover not only somatic cells (body cells) and nerve cells that are essential for the transmission and accumulation of information. A well-functioning brain cells allow a person to easily and quickly respond to stressful circumstances. People slept, not even having sufficient knowledge to pass the exam, it is easier to Orient in a situation, find a logical answer, while not well-rested the day before can often get confused when meeting with the examiner, even knowing the answer to the question.

Unwanted actions just before the exam

You should not take the test in uncomfortable things – a close, cause discomfort, distracting from the main. For students of the classic "white top, black bottom" could be your favorite pants and a cosy white sweater. Favorite and comfortable things that will provide psychological comfort and self-confidence. With these goals, psychologists suggest to come to the examinations and interview with a mascot or a favorite toy.

Do not forget about the importance of food. And it's not just about the food before the exam, but about nutrition in the pre-examination week: to the best of the body you need to eat a lot of food that contains potassium, phosphorus, plant proteins (fish, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate). On exam day is to have Breakfast – not tightly, but so as not to think about food during the questions and answers.

Before an exam is not recommended psychologically "cheat". Students better to go for the exam without parents and relatives, as they are often added to nervousness in the situation. It is best to come to the school or University in advance to have time to get used to the atmosphere and to calm down a little.

Right before entering the class or audience is to move a little (walk briskly, for example). The adrenaline released when a person is under stress, needs to come out – otherwise the stress will manifest itself in the form of tremor, tremor of voice and other unpleasant symptoms that worsen exam.