There are a great many quite simple and effective rituals, ceremonies, spells that help successfully pass any exam. Not all of them are designed only for good luck – quite a lot of help to learn a difficult subject or to overcome the fear of the teacher.

Conspiracy for good luck in the exam

The exam is kind of a lottery. It has value, and how the student has learned as well given the material the teachers that were the relations, whether there will be on the exam blackout from excitement, has not been canceled and the luck factor.
To help win this lottery can spells and rituals for the exam – they exist in great variety and for every taste.

Plot for a successful exams. The clothes that are going to go to answer, three times shaken, saying: "Who is the Lord went, His disciples began. And I am for the Lord's coming. Send me, Lord, good luck in teaching. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen." Zagovornye so wear clothes and go to take the exam.

Before you go for exam, you should cross your fingers and say: "Right foot threshold intercede, with God's help, you know all the answers. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen."

Prior to the exam, you can feed bread to pigeons in the street. Words to say: "Birds bread, I with excellent grades."

Conspiracies in cases where the student with the examiner a bad relationship

If a teacher who needs to take the exam, the student is in a conflict relationship, can gain such a conspiracy. Before the test, it is necessary to remember about the teacher all the good that is possible. You can say it out loud. After that, the student must submit a teacher standing in front of him, bow at his feet and say: "Thank you, (name), for science, for scientists, for good mark!" This can be repeated several times.

And this plot can be read in front of the door, behind which waits for the teacher: "Go to Bursa lesson to answer, knowledge to protect. Whatever words may say, all the praise receive! So be it."

The plot for the oral examination if the examiners of the problem: "the Lamb fears the wolf, the wolf – lynx, and you, servant of God (name), I worry, (name). Amen."
And this should be read, looking at the examiner from a distance. Read in a whisper or silently: "don't push it, as water on the chest presses and take on his chest, like a father. Amen. Amen. Amen."

Words for a successful exam. To write on paper without squares three times the following text: "As the sky light on a clear morning, and my thoughts are bright and clear. My father and mother regret and love, regret and teachers. Amen." No, this plot should not be read three times before leaving the house, and the same in front of the room, where you will pass the exam. A piece of paper with a conspiracy to fold in half, inside the text, put in a left chest pocket.