During pregnancy, the expectant mother remains only two poses for sleep: on the back and on the side, but from position on the stomach should be abandoned, not to hurt the baby. However, supine to sleep, the doctors still do not recommend. In this position, the woman clamped lower sex Vienna, and it is harmful for her health and for the unborn child. Therefore, the safest position for sleep is considered to be on the side. It is the most comfortable for mom and optimal for normal pregnancy and well-being of the fetus. In this position you will peredelyvalis Vienna, and a woman can fully relax.
But in view of the foregoing, a reasonable question arises, what side is better to sleep? Experts give a definite answer – it is advisable to sleep to choose the left side. In such cases the internal organs: heart, kidneys and other will be less pressure and load. This point is very important during pregnancy, because now all the systems of the female body are working flat out. It is worth saying that the situation on the right side obstetricians do not categorically forbid it. In this position the uterus are relaxed and going on a good blood supply.
There are cases that the gynecologist gives her some special recommendations about the posture to sleep. For example, if the expectant mother is observed oblique fetal presentation, then your doctor may recommend sleeping on the right side. In addition, a pregnant woman may take an intermediate position, to achieve the greatest comfort. For this you need to put a few pillows under his back and provided a little cushion under your stomach and between your legs.
Regardless of which side is chosen for sleep, it is important to arrange a place to stay. For pregnant woman it is necessary to provide support for the spine. It provide strong, healthy and comfortable sleep.