Pain in appendicitis

Usually the pain appears suddenly in the epigastric region (at the initial stage of development of the disease it is often mistaken for stomach pain). Then within a few hours (usually 6-8, sometimes 12 hours or more) pain intensifies and moves to the right, lokalisasi in iliac region (under the right costal arch). If the patient was not assisted, the pain becomes diffuse, and to determine its localization becomes difficult. This migration pain – specific signs of inflammation of the Appendix.

The Appendix may be located in the abdomen above normal, then the pain will be almost centered under the ribs. Other anomalous location of the Appendix pain may be localized close to the navel or in the lower back.
Appendicitis in pregnant women is characterized by unusual localization of the pain due to the displacement of internal organs.

In appendicitis the pain is felt continuously, but may at some time be weakened or amplified.

By movement, cough or change body position the pain gets worse, so patients often move, holding the hand of the right lower part of the abdomen, or lie motionless on her right side. When you try to roll over or lie on my left side the pain is greatly enhanced.

If the pain of appendicitis suddenly disappeared is a very formidable symptom, indicating the beginning of peritonitis, accompanied by a loss of nerve endings.

On palpation of the abdomen the pain is not getting stronger, but dramatically increases when to stop pushing palpable area.

Other signs of appendicitis

In addition to pain, appendicitis may be accompanied by tension of the abdominal wall, nausea and vomiting, possible violation of the stool, frequent urination. The patient feels weak, loses appetite, the temperature usually rises to subfebrile digits, sometimes there are headache and high blood pressure.

In adults, malaise appendicitis usually less pronounced than in children, and the main symptom is abdominal pain. Children suffer, including pain, they have often observed vomiting, fever.
In elderly patients with appendicitis pain syndrome is pronounced weak, which often leads to late detection of the disease and delayed the appeal for help.

Can I ease the pain?

Appendicitis requires surgical treatment in hospital. To do without surgery in case of acute appendicitis it is impossible, and any delay in the delivery of the patient to the doctor cause serious complications. It is necessary without delay to call an ambulance.

To try to ease the pain should not be alone. Receiving antispasmodics (no-Spa, papaverine) or painkillers lubricates the symptoms and makes diagnosis, forcing him to waste precious time, in addition, the effectiveness of these drugs for appendicitis is usually low.

In any case can not be applied to the stomach of the patient heat or cold. A warm heating pad will lead to the spread of inflammation. It is not recommended to attempt to palpate the abdomen of the patient due to careless movement the inflamed Appendix can burst, which will lead to the rupture of pus into the abdominal cavity.

The patient should not eat or drink. If its thirsty, you need to slightly wet your lips and mouth.