Inflammation of the Appendix, vermiform Appendix, attached to the intestine - appendicitis. The main symptom of this disease is pain right lower abdomen. Mild fever, nausea and vomiting – other symptoms of this problem. Pain that is felt in the right side, comes from the navel. At first, she may not be strong, and deaf.


Digestive juice, shumas, gets into the gallbladder. These clots are called gallstones. In this case, you should stop eating, until the problem is solved with the help of proper treatment. Pain in the lower right side of the chest is the main symptom of this disease. This pain can involve the upper back right side, right shoulder and entire right side of the chest. Nausea, vomiting and gases in the stomach – other symptoms of this disease.

Colic in the side

In this case, the patient feels a sharp pain in my left side just below the rib cage. Usually the pain people feel during exercise and after Jogging or walking.

Colic may occur due to the reduction of the liver or spleen.
Ischemia of the diaphragm, parietal peritoneal irritation and an imbalance of the thoracic spine are other causes of colic.

A sternal fracture

A sharp pain can be felt as a result of sternal fracture. A common reason is physical injury. Most often the injury occurs from a blow. But sometimes a person might get hurt as a result of severe coughing.

People with osteoporosis are particularly susceptible to such fractures. When a sharp pain should immediately contact the doctor, because it is often accompanied by damage to the spleen, lungs or blood vessels.
Because the causes of pain in the lower part of the chest can be a lot treatment should be done only after correct diagnosis. Chest pain in itself is not a disease but a symptom of one of many disorders.


In this disease inflamed mucous membranes of the lungs and other parts of the breast. It becomes difficult to breathe. Acute pain causes the friction of the pleural layers. Pleurisy occurs as a consequence of pneumonia or tuberculosis and infections. Other causes: chest trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis of the skin.

Bowel obstruction

The disease occurs as a consequence of volvulus, or falling into the bowels of the blocking object. While felt cramps, which are amplified, then weakened. The pain may become sharp after a meal. Another symptom of intestinal obstruction – diarrhea.