If the flexion and rotation of trunk pain in the rib area increases, and its occurrence is preceded by a fall or injury, it can be assumed that the body signals about broken ribs. Osteoporosis associated with a decrease in calcium in the bone tissue, leading to its fragility, the ribs can be injured even with a strong cough or a sharp turn.

A common cause of pain in the ribs - intercostal neuralgia caused by compression of the nerve roots in the space between the ribs. It is almost always detectable by palpation (examination by a method of probing). Change the position of the rib, causing compression of the nerves, curvature of the spine, herniated discs of the thoracic, excessive tonus of the external and internal muscles and ligaments of the thorax. Given the pain in the heart area, under the shoulder blade, lower back. In fact, the lesion of the nerves experienced numbness. By changing the position of the body, with a deep breath-the exhale, the pain is worse.

Can lead to pain in the region of the ribs may be finding excessive tone of the scapular, humerus and is responsible for the extension of the back muscles. The pain is worse when bending over, muscular tension. Sometimes changes in the balance of the toning of the muscles and painful sensations in the chest are included in symptoms of depression.

Cause for pain localized in the region of 4-6 ribs and costal chondrite, a consequence of the inflammatory processes in the tissue of the cartilage attaching the ribs to the sternum. A characteristic feature of Tietze's syndrome is another name of the disease – pain when pressing on the area of attachment of the ribs to the sternum.

Associated with breathing pain in the chest – one of the symptoms of pleurisy: inflammation of the pleural cavity surrounding the lungs. When bent, the torso twists strengthen the pain if the pleurisy is not observed.

Pain in the rib area can be due to fibrositis (fibromyalgia) is a chronic disease that manifests itself, among other things, relieves stiffness and soreness of the tendons, joints and muscles. As mentioned above, osteoporosis, fibrotic mainly affects women.

Chest pain of high intensity can be caused by myocardial infarction. Pain in the right and left upper quadrant signal about diseases of the stomach, pancreas, spleen, intestinal node, gallbladder, liver. Next on the list of causes of cancer: costal osteosarcoma, a malignant tumor of the lung and pleura (mesothelioma), metastatic cancer afflicting other organs, etc.

About your health seriously. Never self-medicate and be interested in different medical advice only in order not to harm yourself at the first signs appeared of ailments.