The most common cause of pain in right side thigh

Hip pain is sharp or dull, oppressive, continuous or paroxysmal, may radiate to knee or Shin. It gives a person great discomfort, reduces efficiency, prevents to lead a full life. Some patients that applied with complaints of pain in the hip, diagnosed as osteoarthritis of the hip joint (coxarthrosis).

In the treatment of this disease used anti-inflammatory drugs, vasodilators, and in some cases hormonal drugs. Pain with this disease almost does not occur at rest, when person sits or lies. But when standing up or walking once the pain begins, often strong. Region pain along with the right thigh can capture the groin.
The pain can also give in the thigh, knee, Shin, sometimes reaching the foot.

With the development of the disease there is a limitation of the affected leg. Person is very difficult to take away the affected leg or to raise high her. In the diseased joint you hear a distinctive rustling. In the most severe cases, the affected limb becomes much shorter healthy and it comes to disability.

Almost the same symptoms occur even when a single disease – aseptic necrosis of the head of the hip joint. Therefore, even experienced doctors can sometimes confuse these two diseases. Aseptic necrosis can sometimes be much less, about 5% of patients complaining of pain in the hip.

Causes of pain in right side thigh

Pain in the right thigh may occur in lesions of the femoral nerve. This defeat occurs for a number of reasons: due to lumbar degenerative disc disease, traumatic injuries, the inflammatory process caused by hypothermia lower body etc. to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only a doctor should contact.
Moreover, this pain can also be caused by tumor of the spine. But the sooner cancer is diagnosed, the greater the chances of a cure.

Pain in right side thigh can also be caused by diseases of the knee joint, myositis, osteomyelitis. In any case, faced with this unpleasant phenomenon, it is better not to self-medicate, and go to the doctor to examine the body and get advice on treatment.