If you think that you need to be hospitalized, contact the hospital. To enroll you need to see a physician. After ascertaining the reasons, the therapist gives the direction to the doctor who deals with the treatment of this disease.
After the reception, the specialist will prescribe a series of tests and medical research.
The next day, if it is confirmed diagnosis, you may give direction to the hospital for treatment. Sometimes the decision accurate diagnosis takes several months, during which the patient is under medical supervision and delivers additional tests.
Before you go to the hospital, gather all the necessary things. Bed linen and personal toiletries. Check with your doctor what to take with you. Find out reception hours of visitors and the daily routine.
The duration of stay in hospital depends on the course of illness and treatment outcomes.
In the case of heavy bleeding, pain, and suspicion of serious illness, hospitalization takes place immediately. All tests taken in the hospital.