Electrocardiography, also known as ECG, is an effective method for the diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system.


The procedure of the ECG in modern Russian hospitals and clinics is carried out using a special device, which is based on the difference of the potentials present at various parts of the body of the patient. Movement of the heart muscle, the device writes to a particular path, which is applied to special paper. And then, comparing the readings made on the basis of the heartbeat of the patient, with a normal trajectory of the ECG, a cardiologist can make a conclusion about the presence or lack of heart problems and, if necessary, to send for additional examination or treatment.

The process of measuring the potential difference, which is the basis of operation of the device when performing electrocardiography, by using special sensors that are attached to the patient's body. So, the clamps that are usually made of metal, fixed to the limbs in those places where it is easier to track the pulse on the wrists and ankles. In addition, several sensors are mounted on the patient's chest in the vicinity of the heart.

In order to increase the accuracy of your sensors, when mounted on the body of the patient at the contact commonly is applied to a special medical gel. It does not have any color or odor, so after the procedure, you can delete it without any problems.

Preparing for the ECG

As follows from the description of the procedure, it does not require from the patient any special preparation, including in terms of items that you need to take with you. Commonly everything you need is available to him directly in the medical office, however, it is advisable to bring along a sheet or towel on which you will be able to lie down during the procedure, as well as paper or linen cloth, which will remove any residue.

In addition, of course, necessary to provide documents confirming the necessity of this procedure and your right to receive appropriate medical services. In particular, we are talking about the direction of a doctor, medical policy and the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Before you go to the office, it is recommended to go to the front Desk: you may require any additional documents, for example, the patient's card or medical card.