You will need
  • - a full medical examination;
  • - the conclusion of regional public health authorities;
  • - opinion of leading specialists of enterprises.
You will receive a coupon to receive high-tech medical care, if your doctor considers that this help is needed.
Consult your doctor and get a referral to the institution of the region, where you will be able to conduct a thorough medical examination. You will conduct a range of surveys clarify the diagnosis and describe in detail all the volume you need assistance.
After you receive the results of the examination, the doctor will prepare a full statement of all the results obtained and analyses, describe the current disease, make a statement about further diagnosis and guide medical history for consideration to the Department of health.
The Department documents will be reviewed by the Commission of doctors with participation of leading specialist edge for your disease. Your presence during the consideration of documents is not required. If the Commission decides that the high-tech help you need, then head of the regional authorities in the sphere of health will issue you a special account in electronic form for the provision of high-tech medical care. This will be the so-called pass, by which you will be in the hospital. It will be sent to the clinic for medical care.
Directed electronic media, the Commission will consider the institution in which you have been directed under the guidance of leading experts in the country. Doctor of medical science and clinics will make a decision, there is a reason to do a complicated operation or not. The deadline for consideration of not more than 10 days, but if you have already arrived, the examination of documents will take no more than 3 days. If a positive decision is made, you will name the date of admission.
Depending on your condition at all it can take from several days to several months. In some cases, surgery may be a queue and you will be notified when it is your.