You will need
  • To repair home the shower you'll need:
  • - screwdriver;
  • - pliers;
  • gas wrench;
  • - an awl or a thick needle;
  • detergent;
  • - sponge.
The main damage soul:
- mesh heads are flowing very thin trickle of water (clogged mesh heads);
- leaking water into the watering can and flexible hose (not tight connection of the hose and watering cans,broken hose under the metal braid);
- leaking water from the connection of the flexible hose and mixer (not tight hose coupling and faucet, a broken hose under the metal braid);
- water flows simultaneously from the heads and from the tap (the breakage of the rotating mechanism of the mixer).
If you have ceased to function properly shower, the first thing you should do is to check shower heads, find out, blocked the holes of solid particles and scum. Unscrew the grid from the watering can, take a thick needle or an awl and clean the holes on the outside, trying not to miss any. The inner part of the mesh, try to clean simply with a knife, scraping the scum. Thoroughly rinse the net under running water, using a dishwasher sponge.
Now Unscrew the showerhead from flexible hose to do this, take the pliers and gently, so as not to pokerabout plating layer, remove the nut that connects the showerhead and the hose. For this you may use a pipe wrench if the nut is very large and does not Unscrew by hand. Clean and rinse the lake, its channels can also become clogged with scale. Attach lake grid and set aside.
Unscrew the hose from the mixer view it on clearance, blow out. Let's see if there are gusts and rust. If the hose is leaking it must be replaced, as repairing it very difficult. If it is normal, wash it with detergent, you can use products containing soda. clean the metal braid of the hose to Shine.
Disassemble faucet, clean the rotating parts, grease them with vaseline. Carefully attrite with mixer taps and stuck the scum and dirt. Assemble your mixer, attach it to a flexible hose, to him the watering can. Try how to work the shower, if it is not leaking, splashing water evenly, so everything is in order!