Dissolution of plastics is generally carried out for bonding of multiple parts, made of one type of plastics. These include plastics based on polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, etc.
Use solvents. During processing the bonding surfaces with a solvent is a natural softening when gluing small enough pressure. In addition to solvents, for this purpose you can use the solutions of bonding polymers.
Before connection, prepare the surface of the plastic, for which it was degrease and treat fine sandpaper.
Apply glue so that the softening occurred along the entire working surface to a depth to provide a solid joint. Apply the adhesive with a syringe, brush, spray or dip.
Press the bonding parts and fix them. The pressure on the surface of the show until then, until a solid adhesive layer.
Recently created a lot of new solvents is not less effective than dichloromethane, but, unlike him, is absolutely safe. By the way, this glue can be made at home by mixing plastic shavings with a solvent. To do this, pour into a metal or glass jar plastic chips, shavings or pieces of ABS plastic, mix with solvent WD-40, approximately 2 cm above the level of the plastic. Mix all and cover the mixture for a day, and then again stir it. If the glue is thick, add solvent.
You can also prepare adhesive based on methylene chloride. This will require only 4 hours. You should know that certain plastics corresponding solvent. For example, for celluloid is acetone, polystyrene – benzene, and organic glass – chloroform.