For the implementation of chroming plasticand can be successfully used miniature galvanic installation, which does not require the premises of the product in the tub. In the installation comes with a transformer reducing the voltage to 12 V and DC 0.8 and 1 A brush with a special bristle (case is made of organic glass with a diameter of 20-25 mm - it is filled with the electrolyte). Also, instead of the transformer you use a battery with all the wires. Brush bristles need to wind a lead wire (if there is insufficient you can replace copper). In case the brushes need to install a diode type DZOZ – ДЗО5. The anode of the diode connect to one of the cables of the transformer step-down winding, the cathode, to secure it in the clamp, must be connected to the cover part. When using the battery, the diode is not used.
Details that must be handled, need to be cleaned from grease, rust and other dirt. Then you need to process the detail in the solution, which consists of 100-150 g of sodium hydroxide, 3-5 g silica glue, and 35-50 grams of soda ash in 1 litre of water. Degreasing solution must be heated to a temperature of 80-100 ° C, depending on the degree of contamination of the items and keep it in this detail from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on smooth and clean surface of the part will depend on the plating. Pre-processed item is connected to the transformer, brush pour the required amount of electrolyte and serves food. Applying on the surface of the part smooth layer of metal, the remainder of the electrolyte, gently move the brush in up and down motion. In order to achieve the necessary thickness of the coating passage in one place varies from 20 to 30 times. Fill the electrolyte in the brush when it will end.
After processing, the part must be rinsed into the waste water, followed by polishing with a piece of material. With the above solutions should be treated with great caution, so as not to get unwanted burns and poisoning. To store the kitchenware will be the safest in glass containers with dark surface and durable stopper.
Also take into account the fact that not all coatings are amenable to influence with various metals. For example, to produce a coating of steel parts with Nickel, it before doing this process a thin layer of copper, the chrome surface interacts with the Nickel surface.