You will need
  • - degreasing and cleaning agent;
  • brush;
  • - filler mixture;
  • - spatula;
  • - sandpaper of varying density;
  • spray paint, suitable for enamel surfaces.
With a brush and sandpaper to carefully clean the chip from the clogged dirt and dust. If the inside has rusted, it should be completely removed using special tools. Than clean the hole, the more reliable it will repair, so spare no effort — you can use a corrosive cleaning agent, for example, "Sanoks", degreasing baking soda or acetone. It is best to consistently make use of all available means.
Well dry the surface with a hair dryer. Do not wipe it with rags, sponges or wipes. As a result of such action can stay lint, dust particles, and your work will be in vain.
Take the putty and hardener proven firm, mix in the recommended proportions. Some fillers are immediately ready for use. You can use the car or special restorer to the enamel. Gently apply it on your cleavage, dub with a spatula. If the chip is deep, it is better to apply the tool in two stages. You must first fill it to the middle, wait for drying, and then close the slit of the topcoat. Automotive putty dries, usually no longer than 30-40 minutes.
When the medium is completely dry, treat it with sandpaper. Polishing should be as long as the difference between enamel and refurbished venue will not be felt with your fingers. Then again thoroughly clean, degrease and dry the surface.
Then proceed to painting. It is best to pick up special bath enamel, aerosol, water-resistant, high temperature. It is important that the shade matches the color of the shell. In a pinch, you can find white enamel for baths and add any color. Cover the repair layer by layer, with an interval of 1-3 minutes, until it is completely hidden and no longer visible. To touch the enamel is only recommended after 2 hours, complete drying will occur no sooner than 2 days, and use a sink better to wait for 4 days.
When the enamel is fully dry, clean the sink with sandpaper "nulevkoy", you can use felt and polishing abrasive paste. With their help it is possible to achieve a perfect Shine finish coat without any brush and sandpaper.